When the natural light starts to dull, a bit of a ‘boost’ is always useful. With that in mind, we had a chat with Emma (our BTHOUGHTFUL contributor) about how to top up our energy levels and stay positive through the cooler months. Here she is with her latest post, filled with lots of ways to ‘glow’ from one season to the next. Emma's Tips to Feel Brighter “There is something lovely about Autumn mornings. There is a kind of release to them. Take for example this: In a tree’s year plan there is a time (maybe during spring) when the buds are beginning to form. The flowers start to come out and the whole tree is puckering up (just waiting to be kissed by the right bees!) for a beautiful, fruitful Summer. There’s a flourishing and a natural yearning towards fruition. Then, in summer, there comes a real bountiful, full blossoming display of flowers, fruits, leaves, colours and joy. But there is a moment, just before the onset of winter, when all the trees almost relax and restore – so they are ready to burst again the next spring. In autumn, this lovely season, all the leaves let go (or does the tree, let go of the leaves?) and give themselves up to the world. They know, without knowing why, that the they need to shed their browning leaves along with the old remnants of summer fruits. It’s a kind of self-pruning. A period of cutting away and letting go, so that they can become fresh and empty once again and ready for the next cycle. Do you notice this pattern in other parts of life too? It reminds me of the artists’ cycle of conception, germination, creation, and letting go. This cycle is also very clear to see in some women, throughout the month. As the nights draw in, and the leaves begin to fall, let the signs of autumn you spot be an invitation to let go into this beautiful period of clearing out. Recognise it, as another of nature’s cycles, and let it inspire you with is bravery, beauty and ease. Emma's Tips to Feel Brighter

Feel brighter: My Top Tips

Here are my 5 ideas of staying bright as the nights draw in… 1. There is no such thing as inappropriate weather, just inappropriate clothing. Make the most of the daylight you have and the dusky evenings that draw in by going for regular mindful walks. A big jumper, a flask of tea and maybe even a friend or neighbour to go with will add a little bit extra too. 2. Get plenty of light during the day. It’s important to be outdoors, it does wonders for the nervous system and our peaceful sense of being a part of everything; you know, the whole world and all of nature. Take breaks during you day to nip outside and soak up a little sun. All that Vitamin D will work wonders to lift your spirit. Emma's Tips to Feel Brighter 3. Take an evening course or learn something new this fall. Feeling connected with others in an authentic and genuine way is one of the NHS’ keys to wellbeing. Sometimes (especially here in the UK) the autumn and winter months can be isolating with people staying home, sometimes alone. Why not do something different instead; you can enrol in an online evening class (like our Tuesday evening mindful sessions!) or start out on something inspiring at your local college or art centre. If formal courses don’t feel the right fit, why not organise some little gatherings at yours, or a friends place. Some ideas might be: clothes swapping, Christmas card making, mutual household DIY, poetry recitals (like those of the great A.A Milne) and family walks. There are so many ways to feel connected to others, so take a leap and try something new. 4. Acceptance and revelry make even the coldest winters seem fun. Learn to love the drawn in nights, accept them, welcome them, and see them as part of mother nature’s cycle. And if the dusky, autumn season seems a little dark, albeit beautiful, let it be that way. Let yourself experience autumn as it is, in full receptivity. It may be that the season, triggers something of a letting go and rejuvenation in you. After all, you are part of that great beautiful nature too. Emma's Tips to Feel Brighter 5. Eat well this time of year with foods that boost your mood. Listen to what your body wants eat to accommodate the period of change, which is going on all around you. Is it nice earthy foods like turnips, parsnips, beetroots and kale? Or lighter foods like salads and winter berries? Listen to your body and eat hearty meals throughout the day to avoid too many great big, stodgy evening meals that leave you tired and less likely to go out and connect with others. 6. Last but not least, keep up your morning meditation practice. It really does make a difference. It increases joy, happiness and inner peace and keeps stress at bay as the nights draw in, the schools go back and Christmas is just around the corner. I think the poet, Albert Camus said it best, when he wrote “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer”. Happy October friends! Thanks for reading with me. Come and join me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for healthier, mindful living inspiration this fall. I’m @EmmaMillsLondon With love, Feel Brighter - Love Emma Let us know if you have any tips of your own – or if there’s a particular subject you’d like Emma to look into for her next post. Just drop us a line here or Tweet us (and Emma!) on @btreeclothing.

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