Feng Shui: 5 ideas for a peaceful home

To help us be at peace and live a fuller, richer life, there's a lot we can learn from the philosophies and customs found in Japan. And there are many! Common examples include the dining principles of 'hara hachi bu', flawless manners and etiquette, and gift giving. This week we're taking a look at Feng Shui and some practical ways to embrace this spiritual practice. feng shui top tips

1. Declutter just one room

The cliché “tidy desk, tidy mind” speaks plenty of truth. Most of us are often guilty of a cluttered desk, and this regularly extends into the home. Begin by clearing out one room or area. It could be that you spring clean your wardrobe, tackle the spare room or just tidy up shoes by the door. It’s a good idea to source extra storage ahead of your decluttering so that everything will have its own place. Start small, and dedicate a minimum of 5 minutes a day to simply putting things away.

2. Put the tech away

On the subject of putting things away, let's talk about 'tech'. Smartphones, tablets and laptops interfere with the promotion of health and happiness that Feng Shui stands for. Consider disconnecting from the digital world one night a week or more if you can. It’ll be tough initially, but will soon become a mood-boosting habit if you stick to it. feng shui top tips

3. Bring in the five elements

Water Often considered to represent wisdom and adaptability, it's no surprise that water is a positive addition to the home. Some people do this with a mini water fountain on their desk, which if you can, is a great idea. Something simpler though is to always make sure taps are switched off and that toilet seats are always down when not in use. This means that when a wave of new opportunity enters the home, it’s fostered rather than encouraged to flee. Fire This one's so simple and you're probably practicing it already... lighting candles! Fire is thought to release stuck or old energy and lighting candles in the home helps it to release and renew itself, with the welcome side effect of setting a totally relaxing mood. Wood Easy too. Maybe a lot of your existing furniture is oak, pine or another kind of wood. Adding plants as well is said to help increase clarity and productivity. We suggest adding one to every room as nothing’s more soothing than bringing a bit of nature indoors. Metal Think wind chimes, bells, or perhaps even a metal sculpture. These are all items that relate to Feng Shui's theory of clearing space with sound vibrations.

4. Re-position or cover sharp edges

Sharp edges are known as 'poison arrows' in Feng Shui and while it's unlikely you'll have a lot of these around, they do come in surprising forms like the edges of paintings and metal sculptures as mentioned above. The solution is easy: just make sure they point away from places of comfort like your bed or sofa.

5. Change your mind frame

It's not just about the home, everyone can benefit from learning to slow down and learning to live in the moment. We recommend trying out some meditation and have handpicked some relaxation apps that make it super simple. Let us know how you get on! We hope you enjoy trying these thoughtful tips out. If you'd add anything to the list or have some good ideas too, why not share them with us? Clare x

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