Packing with Thought: Our green packing list

Planning a trip soon? There are so many ways you can remain planet friendly whilst you travel. Read on to discover our green packing list! green packing sustainable packing

Packing with Thought: Our green packing list

Re-fillable bottles for toiletries

Toiletries are easy to forget when packing to go away, so make sure you’re organised and plan ahead. Use re-fillable containers for your shampoo, conditioner and body wash to avoid having to buy new bottles at the airport. Plus it’s likely that you wouldn’t finish a newly bought bottle by the end of the holiday anyway!

Face cloths

Using wet wipes may seem like a quick and easy option, especially for travelling, but they are detrimental to our planet, our waterways and our health. Typically wet wipes are made from a fibre like cotton woven with plastic resins such as polyester or polypropylene, meaning they do not decompose. Instead they are flushed into our waterways or end up in landfill with our waste. Wet wipes make up 93% of the material causing sewer blockages in the UK. And globally, there has been a huge rise in wet wipes found on beaches meaning they are taking over our oceans and causing serious harm to marine life. Instead of using these harmful wet wipes, consider a reusable, washable face cloth. With little or no environmental impact, they’re a much more planet-friendly option. I’ve recently made the switch and have found my skin is cleaner, healthier and less dry as a result. green packing sustainable packing

Reusable water bottles

Around a million single-use plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, and this figure is rising fast. Most of these plastic bottles are made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which is a synthetic material that takes hundreds of years to biodegrade, meaning the bottles are building up in landfills and oceans across the world. Avert the need to buy bottled water by getting a reusable bottle instead. We’re loving Chilly’s bottles, which come in a range of contemporary designs and are well insulated, keeping your water nice and cold. You can buy reusable food containers from Chilly’s too!

Tote bag

As we all know, single-use plastic shopping bags have devastating impacts on humans, animals, marine life and the environment. They are one of the most common types of litter and generally aren’t recyclable. To avoid using plastic shopping bags, make sure you bring a tote bag away with you. Plus tote bags look much nicer, don’t you think? green packing sustainable packing

Organic bug spray

Avoid toxic chemicals and use natural alternatives to deter mosquitos and other bugs. Products containing natural repellents like citronella work well and aren’t as damaging to you or the environment.

Avoid panic shopping before your trip

Considering hundreds of thousands of tonnes of clothing goes to landfill every year, it’s important we do all that we can to help slow our throwaway culture. It might seem tempting to head out to the shops before your holiday, in fear that you don’t have anything to wear. However it’s likely that you’ll buy cheap, throwaway clothes that you don’t really need. Have a good rummage through your wardrobe and see if you can wear or re-invent what you already have instead. Try putting some outfits together too, this will help!

Be a minimal packer

Pack less in general. The lighter your suitcase, the lighter the plane will be and the less fuel will be needed to get you to your destination. For example, instead of bringing several books to read, you could download them onto a Kindle. You should also make sure the clothes you do bring are versatile enough to be worn in different ways, meaning you don’t need to bring as much. Hannah green packing thoughtful packing list What's on your green packing list? We’d love to hear! Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @wearethought. You might also love reading Clare’s thoughtful packing tips.

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