Prettify Plates with Homegrown Edible Flowers

I’ve often thought that edible flowers are more for high-end restaurants and a bit of a fussy, unnecessary extra. However, when I started looking into it and thought about my parents own back-garden of vegetables, I realised it can also be a brilliant way to use up every bit of a what you’ve grown. With that in mind, I discovered The Edible Flower Shop, where you can buy seeds and other bits that you might need, but also a whole host of hints and tips on what to sow when, and what to do with your blooms. So before the summer’s out, why not try giving it a go with these homegrown edible flowers?  

Our Homegrown Edible Flowers Guide

Homegrown Edible Flowers Guide

June: Courgette Flowers & Borage

Borage is a lovely cornflower blue and a petal you can plant almost any month during the summer, so don’t worry if you don’t get a chance in June. It’s peppery, with a subtle fresh cucumber-like taste. My parents have a whole patch of courgettes springing up at the moment – the sunshine-hued flowers have really flourished in abundance. Mum and Dad are big believers in using up every bit of what you have, so I know they’ll be enjoying these flowers even with a little mozzarella and drizzle of oil like Frugal Mama suggests, or simply by throwing them into a home-grown salad. Read The Edible Flower Shop’s what to sow in June. Homegrown Edible Flowers Guide

July: Daisies, Violas & Kale Flower

Galaxy and Habanera Daisies usually blossom in the autumn – so sow these ones in early July to use later in the year. Bees and butterflies love them too, so you could even plant these daises simply to offer our winged wildlife a little extra habitat. As for Violas, these are miniature pansy-like flowers that are most commonly used to decorate dishes, often in restaurants. While they don’t taste of an awful lot, they’re usually a favourite for their brightly hues. They can be easily grown at home and you could try scattering them on cheese platters, salad, or however you want. Homegrown Edible Flowers Guide Kale flowers are yellow just like the courgette plant’s, with a slightly sweet taste. Try growing your own and use the whole vegetable up. I love the idea of this Kale Flower & Lemon Spaghetti – it’s quick, fresh and filling; exactly what’s needed when you’re home late and hungry. Add the kale in too so it doesn’t go to waste. Read The Edible Flower Shop’s what to sow in July. Homegrown Edible Flowers Guide

Other Homegrown Edible Flowers to Try

What else to try? Lots! Like Wild Garlic, Hibiscus (great dried and brewed as a tea with a little sugar), Coriander and Elderflowers. You can read how they taste and see what do to with these ones right here.   Have you tried adding homegrown edible flowers to your recipes? We’d love to know how you got on! Homegrown Edible Flowers By Braintree's Clare

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