Homemade cucumber cooling spray recipe

We're all enjoying the summer heatwave here at Braintree HQ and love being in our summer dresses and shorts at last. But we're now in the 7th consecutive day of 30°C heat and - dare we say it - it's almost too hot! This cooling body and face spray recipe contains all-natural cooling ingredients and is super easy to make at home. These small, portable bottles are perfect to throw in your handbag or keep on your desk when you're in need a quick spritz of coolness! DIY cucumber cooling body spray recipe Here's what you'll need... Half a cucumber Squeeze of lemon juice 1 tsp of rosewater (or a few freshly cut roses to make your own) An empty spray bottle DIY cucumber cooling body spray recipe Rosewater reduces redness, swelling and is naturally soothing with mild astringent properties. You can purchase rosewater at your local health store but it's fun, cheap and easy to make your own at home. Start by cutting a few fresh roses from the garden. (It's better to use freshly cut roses and not to use shop bought roses covered in pesticides). Pluck off the rose petals and place into a saucepan. Pour over some distilled water until the petals are just about covered and pop the saucepan lid on. Gently simmer until the petals loose their colour, then drain the liquid into a jar, and store in a cool place. DIY cucumber cooling body spray recipe Next, chop your cucumbers into chunks, throw into a blender and mix up into a pulp. Cucumber is naturally cooling, hydrating, reduces puffiness and redness, as well as softens and refreshes the skin. DIY cucumber cooling body spray recipe Pour your refreshing cucumber pulp onto the centre of a tea towel over a bowl. Gather the corners of the tea towel and squeeze the cucumber juice through cloth using a tight grip. (Don't throw away the cucumber pulp; use it as a natural face mask or simply smooth over your skin for instant cooling and re-hydrating benefits!) DIY cucumber cooling body spray recipe Add a tablespoon of your rosewater and a big squeeze of fresh lemon to your cucumber juice. Lemon is known for it's exfoliating, invigorating, refreshing benefits to the skin. However, if you particularly sensitive skin, leave out the lemon juice in this recipe as lemon can cause skin irritation. Finally, pour all of your ingredients into your empty spray bottle, give it a good shake and you're done! If you're giving your cooling spray as a gift, you could also add a label or tag and tie some pretty ribbon round the bottle. Store in the fridge and remember to shake before use. DIY cucumber cooling body spray recipe You can also try experimenting with this recipe by adding other natural cooling ingredients such as mint, aloe vera, lavender or green tea. Let us know how you get on and comment below! You may also like... Homemade Natural Body Lotion Recipe. With Love, Jo x

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