Homemade Moth Repelling Wardrobe Freshener

Moths can wreak havoc on your clothes, especially natural fibres, leaving behind holes and frayed threads. Before you resort to traditional moth balls, which contain carcinogenic naphthalene, try these natural alternatives by making one of these homemade moth repellent wardrobe fresheners. Homemade moth repellent sachets tutorial

Homemade moth repellent sachets

What you will need:

A 20cm x 15cm rectangle of loose-weave fabric (muslin works particularly well). 30cm of string. Needle and thread. Natural moth repellent (cinnamon, bay leaves, cloves, lavender and cedar wood chips all work well). DIY homemade moth repellent sachets

How to make:

1. Fold the fabric's long edge over 1.5cm and stitch along its length, 1cm from the folded edge. 2. Take your string and feed it through the opening to create the drawstring. Top tip - tie one end of the string to a safety pin to make feeding it through easier. 3. Fold the fabric in half and stitch together the side seam. 4. Open out so that the side seam is now in the centre and stitch together the bottom seam. 5. Turn the pocket inside out and fill with your choice of moth repelling ingredients. Natural homemade moth repellent sachets Your wardrobe freshener is complete and ready to hang in your wardrobe to keep your beloved garments safe, naturally!

We hope you love this homemade moth repellent tutorial. Let us know how you get on if you decide to make one by poppping a comment below or over on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Rhiannon x

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