DIY Homemade Christmas Snowglobe Snow globes are magical, nostalgic, and fun... and they're super easy to make yourself at home! Create a Winter Wonderland in a jar with this simple DIY project idea; perfect for a Christmassy crafternoon with the kids. These adorable festive ornaments only require a few materials and make great gifts too. Create a snowy tree scene or feature your favourite characters or animals. Here's how to make your own homemade snow globe... Here's what you'll need... An empty glass jar A Christmas figurine Glitter Glycerin Water-resistant glue Distilled water DIY Homemade Christmas Snowglobe Here's what to do... 1. Clean out your empty jam jar. (Baby-food and olive jars also work well - just make sure its a suitable size for your figurine!). 2. Glue your Christmas figurine(s) to the inside of the jam jar lid. (Keeping everything as centred as possible). DIY Homemade Christmas Snowglobe 3. Cover the bottom of the jar with glitter. (Appox 3 tsp for a jam jar). 4. Fill up your jar to almost the top with distilled water. (You'll need some room in the jar for your figurine). 5. Add a dash of glycerine (to slow the glitter down in the water). DIY Homemade Christmas Snowglobe 6. Close the jar - tightly! (You can also add some glue around the lid before screwing on to make it extra secure). 7. And finally..... Let it snow! DIY Homemade Christmas Snowglobe Display your finished snow globe or give it as a Christmas gift. You can also experiment with using different coloured glitters, different size jars, painted the lid, or decorating the jar with ribbon. Here's a few of our favourite inspirational ideas from Pinterest... snowglobe-pinterest For more Christmassy creative ideas, check out our Pinterest page. Let us know how you get on with your Christmas crafts; post your comments and photos below! Posted by Jo

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