How to set yourself up for a great day

Getting up on these chilly, dark mornings might not be easy, but rising just a few minutes earlier does mean you can dedicate a little more time to yourself. Using the time wisely is also a good catalyst for starting the day off on the right foot. Read on for a few easy ideas I think you'll like... how to set yourself up for a good day

5 ways to set yourself up for a good day


1. Fully enjoy a cup of tea

Or coffee – whatever you prefer. How to set yourself up for a good day Simply find a comfy spot to sit, wrap your hands around your mug and linger over the flavours and the soothing warmth. I've found myself taking time for this recently, sitting on an armchair watching the wildlife in the garden. It’s something I've come to really enjoy as part of my morning routine. I whole-heartedly recommend it.  

2. Take a mindful walk

On your own, or with the dog if you have one. How to set yourself up for a good day It's a simple principle: as you wander, notice the colour and natural shifting seasons around you, the first flowers pushing through the ground. Notice your surrounding scenery and take it all in. It doesn't have to be a long walk, and Emma, our Thoughtful Friend, has plenty more tips on how it can help lower stress as well.  

3. Reach for a pen & paper

Why not spend some time writing? How to set yourself up for a good day It could be your thoughts, a dream you've had, a note for a loved one (a really thoughtful way to brighten another’s day), or even a chapter of a book – so it goes, we all have one in us! A ‘list writing’ idea recently doing the rounds struck a cord with me – maybe it will with you too. Here it is: write a list of things that make you happy, and another of things you do daily, compare the lists and adjust accordingly.  

4. Exercise in the AM

It doesn't have to be a hard slog at the gym before work. How to set yourself up for a good day Kat, our Thoughtful Friend, runs the website Movement of Modern Life. There are lots of online classes to try – from yoga and QiGong, to pilates and lessons on how to move from one mind frame to another. You can choose the level and duration at any time, which makes it easier to mix things up and/or stick to doing something daily. Try it with a free trial and if you do enjoy it and want to subscribe, use the code BTREE20 for 20% off.  

5. Finally, try morning meditation

If you’re new to it, some guided sessions will help start you off. How to set yourself up for a good day You could try these apps for inner calm that we like, and MFML has a lot to choose from too. I recently tried MFML’s ‘Rooting’ and ‘Containment’ sessions – the Containment one really helps if you’re feeling a bit out of balance, a little stressed, low or unsettled.   On a similar post we shared last year, some of our readers suggested planning what to wear the night before, and told us how much of a difference even just five minutes of yoga can make. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas with us. Feel free to share some more thoughts in the comments box below. How to set yourself up for a good day by Clare

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