Inspiring us: Becky on 4 Newly Discovered Illustrators

So, I think it’s about time to round up my favourite inspiring illustrators at the moment, and share with you how I discovered their beautiful work. I’m always uncovering new artists, illustrators and designers so to keep myself inspired; whether it be from a card I’ve bought or a magazine cover. So here’s are a few of my latest finds…  

4 inspiring illustrators

Inspiring Illustrators

Monica Rohan

I found Brisbane-based artist Monica Rohan after buying Frankie Magazine and seeing her beautifully painted work on the front cover. I love how she uses abstract patterns, botanics and figurative elements all together. Her figures’ faces are nearly always covered, which adds even more intrigue to her painting. Her use of thinned-down oil paints means she can get achieve the look of watercolour but keeping the vibrancy of colour. Beautiful!   Inspiring Illustrators

Nynne Rosevinge

Artist and designer Nynne Rosenvinge lives in Copenhagen where she runs her self-titled brand, selling wall art and curios. Her signature illustrations and paintings are minimalistic, often non-figurative and contemporary. I love her use of watercolour and the contemporary shapes in her paintings – the merging colours create beautiful, organic patterns and new blurred tones.   Inspiring Illustrators

Kate Pugsley

Kate Pugsley is an illustrator, painter and surface designer who lives in Chicago. She uses traditional materials for her illustrations; mostly gouache, pencil, watercolour and acrylic on paper. I found her after realising I was always drawn to her cards in shops and just kept buying them! I love the simplicity in her work, but also how it is mixed with intricate detail, or an overload of foliage and background landscapes. For me there is also an element of subtle humour or quirkiness to her illustrations which I adore.   Inspiring Illustrators

Sarah K Benning

New Hampshire-based artist Sarah K. Benning is primarily known for her intricate embroidery pieces. I think what makes her really stand out is her use of embroidery – much like how she illustrates, she abandons the traditional craft for a bolder, more playful approach. Her contemporary subject choices, such as her recent potted-plant collection, is what drew me to her work originally. I’m excited to discover more or try out my own through her monthly pattern program! Why not try your hand at a little embroidery too?   Are there any inspiring illustrators you love? Or maybe an exhibition that you’ve seen recently that you’d like to tell us about? If so, let our team know in the box below. Inspiring Illustrators

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