International Women's Day 2018: who inspires our community

Happy International Women's Day 2018! This year we celebrate the women within our Thought community. We’ve chatted to Mel Wiggins, Aine Carlin, Holly Rose, Emily Pack, Jessica Cresswell and Fritha Quinn to discover more about the people that inspire them and why. international women's day 2018

International Women’s Day 2018: who inspires our community



Family girl, activist, writer, founder of Assembly Gatherings, ethical living enthusiast

To answer your question, I don’t think I could pick just one woman that inspires me - there’s not surprisingly too many! I’m really inspired by lots of women. Particularly women who own their gifts and skills and are generous with them. Women who want to drown out the cultural stigma of competitiveness between women. Women who are determined to change things for themselves and others. The makers, doers, thinkers and leaders who blaze paths when the odds are against them, even when those odds are their own self-doubts. These are the women that inspire me to be the best, most honest and true version of myself. International Women's Day 2018



Author, vegan blogger, sustainable living enthusiast

My 'inspirational women list' is long and ever evolving but currently I can't get enough of Srimati (otherwise known as Julie Piatt) ... plant based chef, yogi, musician and guru. Aside from her incredible recipes (she's the author of two cookbooks), I'm totally hooked on her incredible podcast Divine Throughline, which mostly features her spiritual musings but she also has some immense guests. Her approach to life is uplifting, powerful and insightful, so if, like me, you're searching for more meaning in your life she's definitely your gal. International Women's Day 2018



Writer, activist, conscious lifestyle blogger

So many people inspire me or have inspired me throughout my life. My mother, of course, was the first. A strong, independent woman raising three girls alone on an extremely limited income. Then came my teachers, I had an alternative education so I had one teacher for 1,2,3, and one teacher for 4,5,6 - both of whom were women I admired greatly, both women helped shaped me. Throughout my life, friends, colleagues, strangers and family have filled me with inspiration, for their strength, fortitude, wisdom and creativity overcoming the various challenges life offers. My husband has inspired me with his kindness, patience, humour, wisdom, creativity, spirit, resilience and his love ... my nieces and nephews, my siblings, my parents, my cousins, my uncles and aunts, and my in-laws, my friends and acquaintances all offer sources of inspiration to me daily. Fellow writers too, struggling to untangle the stories behind sustainability, ethics, social justice, politics, and intersectionality alongside me inspire me daily and give me the support and encouragement I need to keep moving forward... I could probably make a list filled with thousands of people who have touched my life and helped me grow. It'd be a beautiful thing to do to thank each person, even those whose names you don't know. International Women's Day 2018



Ethical enthusiast, sustainable lifestyle blogger

I am deeply inspired by Danielle Haim. Danielle and her sisters, Este and Alana, make up the band Haim and are a force to reckoned with. If you watch any of Haim's live concerts or a specific clip of Danielle playing guitar or drums, you'll quickly become aware of her passion for creating music. In short: this woman can shred! The music industry is heavily dominated by male musicians and I deeply value seeing strong, gifted woman succeeding and leading in this arena. It's my deep hope that we continue to see a rise in the amount of female musicians in this industry and that more women would feel inspired and empowered to play instruments with excellence. International Women's Day 2018



Writer, ethical and mindful living enthusiast, inspired by family, nature & simplicity

In my life I am surrounded by women who inspire me daily; my own mother, who continues to guide and support me and two my sisters, who both set up and run wonderfully successful businesses. Some years ago however, I watched a film and through the power of social media, I ‘met’ a woman who inspires me from afar and who feels like a kindred spirit. The film was ‘Be here now’ and followed the ever-inspiring Andy Whitfield and his wife Vashti on a journey embracing and exploring the true meaning of life as they faced what they defined as their ‘next great adventure’ with the return of his Cancer. The story of their journey with Cancer alone is enough to inspire, however it is the journey that Vashti has been on since she said goodbye to her husband, passionately honouring the legacy of her ‘best friend’ through her 'Maybe McQueen’ work and in raising their two beautiful cubs that inspires me every single day. Despite her profound loss, she has a sparkling wit, is fearlessly bold and truly embraces LIVING and although we have only ever communicated ‘online’ she inspires me be truly present and simply BE every single day, as well as approaching my own life from a completely different perspective. So the three wonderful women in my immediate family, as well as the sparkling Vashti are the women I celebrate on International Women’s Day, here’s to you all. International Women's Day 2018 International Women's Day 2018



Mum of two, fashion, travel and interiors blogger

It might sounds a bit cliche but honesty I am inspired everyday by other mums. Women in general are amazing, and something very special when we work together. I think raising little people is such an incredible, exhausting, wonderful & overwhelming job that I am inspired by almost every mum I meet for that reason alone! Thank you ladies! Hannah International Women's Day 2018 We’d love to know who inspires you this International Women’s Day. Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @wearethought.

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