In our local health food store they have just started selling hemp milk which caught me by surprise. It made me realise that all of a sudden I am seeing hemp food's everywhere now. It used to be that you could only find it in specialist stores or track it down online, but it seems that health-aware people have cottoned onto how good hemp is for you! So in case you didn't know already, here's the low-down on hemp, including some of our favourite hemp foods and how best to use them... Let's Talk About Hemp Why is Hemp good for you? - Hemp contains all twenty amino acids. - It's full of simple proteins that fend off toxins and strengthen immunity. - Hemp is a perfect three to one ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fats. - Considered easily digestible. - A rich source of essential fatty acids, as well as containing vitamin E. - Good source of phytonutrients - the disease-protective element of plants.

You can easily start introducing hemp foods products into your daily meals by using simple products like hemp seeds and hemp oil. As part of a balanced diet you can be sure that it is doing you some good.

Let's Talk About Hemp

Image source Hemp Seeds

- Have a slightly nutty taste; almost sweet

- Are great to snack on or add to your favourite salads, soups, or musueli

- Add a small sprinkling to one dish a day!

Let's Talk About Hemp Image source

Hemp Oil

-Again has a nutty flavour

- Perfect for salad dressing

- Is better cold (if you heat it up it will lose the essential fatty acids)

- Take a teaspoon a day!

Here at Braintree, we love the Good Hemp Food products and always have a bottle of 'Good Oil' on the go at home, but you can find hemp food products in a lot of health food stores now, so don’t be afraid to try out some new ways to use hemp as part of your diet!

With Love, Rachel x

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