Made With Thought: Bank Holiday DIY Projects

There are so many ways to spend a bank holiday. This coming one, I plan on doing a bit of spring cleaning and putting away my winter jumpers and coats. If you’re thinking of doing the same, take some time while you’re boxing up things to consider whether or not you’ve actually been wearing the clothes. If you haven’t, donate them to charity or look to recycle them. Trying out some of the ideas below might even mean you give old things a new lease of life and transform them into something new and likeable again.  

4 Easy Bank Holiday DIY Projects

Bank Holiday DIY Projects - Lampshade Cover

Jo's DIY Fabric Lampshade

You’ll only need a handful of bits and bobs (see the picture) to make this. And you can use any fabric of your choice, and get as creative as you like. Here’s the tutorial.   Bank Holiday DIY Projects - Ways to Recycle Socks DIYs

Emma's Sock Recycling Ideas

Everybody has socks with a small hole or pairs where just one is left. But don’t chuck them away – recycle them into easy-to-make sock puppets for kids, or as a clean sweep for your spring cleaning. See Emma’s ideas here.   Bank Holiday DIY Projects - Homemade Cushion Cover Tutorial

Victoria's easiest-ever cushion cover

There are always colours or pieces to be found in the wardrobe that we no longer love as much as we once did. That green jersey you bought years ago or the blue shirt that you wore just three times. Have you ever thought about using them as a pillow for your couch? It takes less time that you think to cut, sew and transform them into a pretty, brand new cushion cover. Here’s how to do it.   Bank Holiday DIY Projects - Homemade moth repelling sachets tutorial

Rhiannon's Moth Repellant Sachets

Now if there are just clothes left that you love and want to store them for next season, you should prepare them against moths. Try making these homemade moth repellent sachets – they’re all natural and you probably already have everything you need in your cupboards.   I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing long weekend. Let us know if you try out any of our Bank Holiday DIY projects by getting in touch on Facebook or Twitter. Bank Holiday DIY Projects by Lara

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