Unravelling stories: Lobster and Swan

I can’t wait to share this post with you! I discovered Jeska on Instagram a few months ago and read her blog Lobster and Swan. Everything she posts inspires me – from her stunningly simple photography and styling to the DIY projects and interiors inspiration. Everything has an element of natural simplicity and feels thought through; evoking a certain type of feeling. Not long after finding Lobster and Swan, I found that Jeska and her husband Dean also have an online shop called The Future Kept. Unsurprisingly, it has the exact same philosophy and charm as Lobster and Swan; all wrapped up in a very modern and contemporary way. Feeling we were on the same wavelength, I got in touch for a chat to talk about her blog, her work and share our favourite ‘forever’ finds from her shop (you’ll see mine below). Read on to discover more… Introducing Lobster and Swan | The Future Kept discount code Everyone in our office is a little in love with your Instagram feed – your photography is incredible. How did you get into taking photos and what inspires you? Thank you so much! Dean has been shooting photos ever since I have known him, and I (after a blurry out of focus start at college) started taking my own photos again when I started my lifestyle blog Lobster and Swan in 2007. I love trying to capture the world as I see it and all the little details that make living magical. Dean is more methodical and balanced in his approach resulting in beauty on a grander scale.   What came first - Lobster and Swan or Future Kept - how did things evolve? Lobster and Swan came first. It was back in 2007 when I started a blog as a way to document the renovation of our first apartment and share creative dreams and endeavours with other makers and bloggers all over the world. Introducing Lobster and Swan | The Future Kept discount code And those names… they’re pretty imaginative. How did you come up with them? Lobster and Swan was a whimsical idea, and centred around the notion that both species pair for life. I like the idea that we make a home for life, not to throw away, so our stronger passion for this notion of things to keep and treasure grew and when we started a store, it just had to be called The Future Kept. We felt we needed to add something towards keeping the planet safe for the next generation. And so, we sell sustainable products that are kinder to the Earth, support makers all over the world, use better materials, and earn makers a fair wage.   Is there something you’d like readers and shoppers to take away from what you’re doing? (Other than the beautiful pieces you’re selling!). Sharing in our idea that it’s good to buy less – but better quality items to live with, ones that are gentler on the environment, and kinder to everyone we share our planet with. Introducing Lobster and Swan | The Future Kept discount code If someone else was thinking about starting a similar, creative venture as you, what one piece of advice would you give them? A business plan and strong belief and reason for doing something is key. Go over, and over it, ask yourself why you are doing it, where will it lead, what is it for? We always have our plan close to hand to make sure we have not veered off track, and to keep us grounded.   With so much on, we’re guessing you’re very good at multi-tasking. What do you do to unwind? If we are relaxing at home, which can be difficult as there is always so much to do, we love to wind down with listening to some old time jazz, incense burning, and a book in hand or tending our plants. Some days we run away to our favourite local pub The Crown to share a plate and have a coffee or pint of ale!   What does living thoughtfully mean to you? Is there a tip you’d like to share with us? Seeking simple joys everyday, treading as lightly as possible on Planet Earth, share much happiness and do as many good things as you can. Remembering it’s not all about ‘me' – it’s about us. It’s about everyone.   ---

Emma’s Future Kept forever-finds

As promised, here are my favourite Future Kept pieces... Introducing Lobster and Swan | The Future Kept discount code The Honeycomb Throw Why I chose it: it colourfully celebrates the time-old techniques and supports the Tunisian artisans who made it. Forest Goddess Print Why I chose it: as it’s a simple, charming piece of art that speaks of so many positive messages. A celebration of mother nature, of femininity, of all things wild and wonderful. Hand-woven Jute Tote Why I chose it: because its big enough to throw everything in when I’m rushed around on the school run or en-route to work. It’s going to mine (and Clare’s!) summer grab-and-go bag. Rosemary, Thyme and Mint Bath Oil Why I chose it: it’s made in the UK and is 100% natural – so no nasty chemicals, just soft, irresistibly scented skin.  

The Future Kept discount code

Jeska and Dean are very kindly offering BTHOUGHTFUL readers 10% off at The Future Kept, until 31st May, 2016 – just enter BTREEFRIENDS10 when at the checkout.   Huge thanks for taking the time to chat, Jeska! The Future Kept discount code by Emma

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