Stockist Stories: Milk Store, Germany

We’ve been in touch with Jochen from Milk Store - one of our German stockists - to find out a bit more about them and their shops, which are based in Munich and Regensburg. milk store

Tea & A Chat With Milk Store, Germany

Hi Jochen, let’s start by talking about your shop. How would you describe it in one sentence?

We only do something in black if it involves a great pattern!

And why the name 'Milk'?

Milk is something true, original and essential.

So how long have you been open and how did the idea start?

I’ve been with Milk Concept for four years. Before that we were a franchise for Noa Noa. We now prefer Milk to have a more unique, distinct look and feel. Milk Store Germany

Could you tell us a bit about Munich? Where’s your favourite place nearby to relax and be thoughtful?

The English garden - our roof garden.

Do you have any local tips for those visiting Munich? Maybe there’s a hidden gem you’d like to share?

For great, individual gifts and treats I recommend, ‘Palma Kunkel’, a small antique shop at Fraunhoferstraße.

What is your favourite piece from our current collection?

The teal, green and navy skirt with the elastic waistband.

Who would you like to dress in our Thoughtful Clothing if you could?

There’s no singular person – Braintree is so versatile and it can dress almost every style and age! Milk Store Germany

What’s life outside the shop like for you?

Gardening, travelling and our 14 year old dog Luk.

What would you be doing if you didn’t have the shop? Maybe you already have a side project?

Currently we are working as a fashion agency too. Previously, I was a teacher for 10 years at Munich’s fashion school!

Where the last place you travelled to?

Danube valley near Vienna, last week.

What was the last book you read?

An old fashioned Hercule Poirot by Agatha Christie. Milk Store Germany

What’s your biggest passion or love?

My partner, our doggy, being creative.

What do you do to unwind? Maybe you have a tip for our readers?

I try not to take the car or tube into the city – instead I do the 8 kilometers by bike!   Thank you Jochen! Milk store Hannah

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