We Are Thought: Shop With a Conscience

Here at Thought we’re all about slow fashion. We consider our planet in everything we do; through our fabrics, our designs, even our packaging. We create clothing intended to last and become firm wardrobe favourites. Today we want to share our message – to commit to mindful shopping. The secret is in timeless design. To shop without impulse. To have the concept of investment in mind. mindful shopping mindful shopping

We Are Thought: Clare's tips for mindful shopping

We believe investment is a power of good. There are many reasons why… Thinking more about what you design or buy leads to better, longer-lasting items. Harnessing mantra, ‘Wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on’ can help lessen unnecessary waste. Investing time with people means we all build better relationships; be that us with our factories or you with your colleagues. Naturally, we want our carbon footprint to be as low as possible. So we spend time finding ways to ensure our fabrics and manufacture happen in the same place. Knowledge is better shared. That’s why we spend time with our partners like Traid to teach one-another skills like darning. Skills we can pass on once again. mindful shopping mindful shopping Four easy ways you can shop consciously… Impulse-buy less. Have a list of missing building blocks from your wardrobe (I have mine on my phone). If you see something you like, especially if it’s not on your list, walk away. If you’re still thinking about it days later, it’s probably a sign it’s a good purchase. Resolve to buying better quality. That doesn’t automatically mean you have to spend more. We craft our clothing from strong, sustainably sourced yarns which are soft on your skin ­– and every piece is affordable. Stop. Think about where your clothes came from. Who made them? A bargain is rarely a true bargain. More often, it’s a signal that someone somewhere has overlooked fair trade and thoughtful manufacture. Try passing things on. S­ift through your wardrobe and pass to others pieces you’ve tired of. What’s old to you, is new to others. We commit to designing with thought, you commit to buying with thought. Together we can help prevent the effects of fast fashion on the environment and the people that produce our clothes. Clare mindful shopping Emma shared here a few other ideas on mindful shopping. If you have any ideas of your own, we’d love to hear them.

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