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Thought HQ's Mother's Day Heirlooms

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to embrace and appreciate the women that made us, along with everything they have passed down to us. Looks, personality traits and sometimes even clothes! At Thought, we believe that clothes are heirlooms; they should be embraced, worn and most importantly cherished as a way to honour those who came before you. We asked the Thought team to tell us about their most cherished items passed down from their mothers and why they love them.   Rachel - Creative Director My mum received this chain mail bag as a gift for her 21st birthday. She passed it down to me on my 21st birthday day and I’d love to keep this tradition alive within my family. My mum has also been a big inspiration for my style so it’s really nice to have a piece of her that I can wear and use on special occasions. Click here to shop Thought Clothing accessories   Hannah - Marketing Coordinator My grandma loves to thrift shop and is a real pro at it – the type of person that can whizz around a store and in two minutes pick out about four or five gems. One day whilst nipping into the charity shop she found this Breton striped jumper. She soon realised that it had caught my eye, and has recently passed it on for me to have! It’s a classic wardrobe staple that I’ll wear for years. Click here to shop Thought Clothing jumpers   Annabelle - Social Media Manager My most cherished item of clothing is a leopard print jacket my mother bought from a little Parisian boutique in the 80s. I used to steal this jacket out of my her wardrobe as a teenager and sneak off to parties. I thought she had no idea, turns out she knew the entire time! When I moved out to go to university she gave it to me as a going away present. It's still one of my wardrobe staples and I take great pleasure whenever I can say 'it's vintage from Paris'. Click here to shop Thought Clothing jackets   Annabel - Buyer I have the cutest jumper my mum wore while she was pregnant with me that I LOVE. It’s one of only 10 hand knitted jumpers made by women in Devon. It’s a bit big for me but I really enjoy wearing it. My mum is much shorter than me but she liked to wear it as a dress! Click here to shop Thought Clothing knitwear Clare - Copywriter A few years ago when I went home to my parent’s house I was freezing and ran out of clean tops so my mum gave me this one to borrow. She'd bought it from a charity shop and I fell in love with the super soft fabric. I liked it so much she gave me it and I now wear it at least once a week! Click here to shop Thought Clothing stripes Did your mother pass down an heirloom to you? Tell the story in the comments.

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