Clare's Top 5 Movies for a Cosy Night In

Clare's Top 5 Movies for a Cosy Night In

Cool weather. Darker-by-the-day evenings. These two things mean one brilliant thing – the perfect excuse to swaddle yourself in blankets and watch some good movies. I watch a lot of films so do run out of steam when it comes to finding something new. That’s where having a few recommendations help – so here are a few movies for a cosy night in, from me, to you. movies for a cosy night in

Kill Your Darlings

World War II is over. And at Columbia University, Daniel Radcliffe stars as poet Allen Ginsburg. Here he meets Lucien Carr and Jack Kerouac. Expect jazz, boundary pushing, and – murder. I had no idea who this was about until the end titles. Now I do, I want to watch it all over again. movies for a cosy night in

Hidden Figures

The story of three ultra-smart female mathematicians in the 60s; a time of divide, inequality, and rising feminism. The lengths the women went to, their ‘never give up’ attitudes, and that bathroom scene. These are just some of the reasons you’ll adore this film. It's an utterly empowering watch and the soundtrack happens to be incredible, too. movies for a cosy night in

I Travel Because I Have to…

The full title is ‘I travel because I have to, I come back because I love you’. This one is a bit of a wild card. A filmmaker friend told me I should watch it. It’s part romance, part art house, part really rather odd Brazilian drama. It’s about an on-the-road geologist. Not one for everyone, but if you enjoy lesser-known art films, give it a go. movies for a cosy night in

The Red Turtle

Studio Ghibli’s take on the circle of life. The trailer alone says SO much, and without a single word. This is next on my watch list so let me know what you think. I’ve a feeling it won’t disappoint. movies for a cosy night in

Victoria & Abdul

An unlikely friendship between Queen Elizabeth (Judi Dench) and an attendant develops in this funny, heart-warming story. You’ll need to head to this cinema for this one – bundle up and watch as humanity comes under the spotlight. With a few giggles along the way.   Clare movies for a cosy night in What are your favourite movies for a cosy night in? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @wearethought. You might also love reading our pick of short films and movies.

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