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You may have noticed we're fond of everything from healthy eating to what to wear and meditation (to name a few things!) at Braintree. We recently invited Emma, Aimee and Wendy, three influential bloggers who share the same ‘live thoughtfully’ ethos as us, to contribute to our blog. We're so glad they said yes. Read on to get to know Emma, Aimee and Wendy in their own words... living thoughtfully blogger


Hi Emma, how would you describe your blog to someone who doesn't know it?Emma Mills London is everything you need to know about mindful living for modern life. I’m inspired by the arts, psychology and mindfulness. Many of my blog posts feature beautiful poetry and music as well as simple, step by step guides and meditations for bringing inner peace into each corner of your day.” What does living thoughtfully mean to you? “When I write my posts, I do so thoughtfully – I don't rush. I treat it as though it is the most important thing for me to be doing at that moment. I do it with consideration and in the knowing that I am making my features for others who will enjoy it - and I want to do the best I can.” Why did you get into blogging and what is it about it you love? “I love sharing things with people. I travel around with a bag full of books (many bibliophiles will relate to me on that one). The bag has sometimes even taken the form of a wheel-along suitcase. I love giving the books out. Or sharing poems, recipes, ideas, websites and blogs that I’ve found interesting. My blog gives me a platform to do that with lots of people all over the world, without having to carry books around in a case – it’s a beautiful thing. I also like being connected with like-minded people. Running my blog is a great way to meet people and connect with others who share your interests in life. There’s a poem by Emily Dickinson that I really love and think is relevant to what I do. Have a read.” They might not need me; but they might. I'll let my head be just in sight; a smile as small as mine might be precisely their necessity. – Emily Dickinson You mentioned there’s another reason you started blogging? I used to work in a creative studio in Shoreditch, and there were all kinds of people there working and none of them came to the classes I run. They weren't really interested in my work, nonetheless, they we were all really great friends. I never felt the need to preach, or to sell them anything spiritual or meditational. I just got on with my work — but I always felt the door open, literally, and in the ways Emily Dickinson suggests. One or two people in the office came across some hard times and discovered meditation on their own. Or maybe they met a new partner who introduced them to it. These few people would come into my new office; they were so excited about meditation. Some would say, ‘I feel like I've just woken up’. We would often have the loveliest chats in the kitchen. Out of the blue, they were so keen to hear about my meditation work, and I was so keen to hear about theirs. I was glad to be there, available to chat, laugh and explore with them when their interest in meditation was sparked. And that’s another of my blog's goals.” What can our readers look forward to from your guest posts as #BTHOUGHTFUL contributor? “Reflections on happiness, inner peace and creativity. And interesting ways to bring mindful living into your daily life.” Look out for my first post! Love Emma - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - living thoughtfully blogger


Hi Aimee, how would you describe your blog to someone who doesn’t know it?Wallflower Girl is where I share my recipes, focusing on plant-based food, often healthy with the occasional treats. Whether you're vegan, on a diet, going gluten-free or just looking to eat healthier, there is a recipe for you. Occasionally, I also like to share some craft, DIY and floral projects on my blog. I'm a real homebody and love everything homemade.” What does living thoughtfully mean to you? “For me, living thoughtfully means being mindful. The more we slow down and live in the present, the more we can appreciate the small, everyday things and be more conscious of our actions and impact on this planet. When I'm thoughtful about the food I eat and the clothes I wear, the more I learn, the more I question and the more I care about where it comes from.” living thoughtfully blogger Why did you get into blogging and what is it about it you love? “I started my blog 3 years ago as a place to share and document my favourite personal recipes. When it started to become more popular, I became more motivated and inspired to create more recipes, developing my own style and becoming more conscious of the food I ate, which lead to my transition into a plant-based diet. The thing I love most about blogging is the creative outlet it provides. I'm constantly motivated to create new and different recipes and improve my photography.” What can our readers look forward to from your guest posts as a Braintree Clothing Contributor? ‘Recipes that are delicious, different, better for you and better for the earth. There’ll be a mixture of sweet and savoury dishes, celebrating whole, fresh and in-season foods.” More from me soon! Love Aimee - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - living thoughtfully blogger


How would you describe your blog to someone who doesn’t know it? "Moral Fibres is about all things green. I cover a wide range of topics, from ethical fashion, to eco-friendly interiors, in season recipes, eco-friendly health and beauty, and much more. The focus is very much on sustainable living that's hip, not hippie, as after working in the environmental sector for so long I have heard everything misconception possible about green living and I wanted to prove that living thoughtfully isn't all about socks and sandals." What does living thoughtfully mean to you? "To me living thoughtfully is about trying to tread lightly, and leading a slow life. From avoiding trends and trying to buy things to last, to enjoying seasonal produce, and enjoying the best the UK has to offer us, rather than being a slave to rampant consumerism. Living thoughtfully has the added bonus of saving money too!" living thoughtfully blogger Why did you get into blogging and what is it about it you love? "I've actually been blogging for over seven years now, although Moral Fibres is only 2.5 years old. I initially started blogging as I wanted somewhere to write and share some photography. Over time I realised I wanted a blog with more purpose, where I could share some of my knowledge and interest in all things green and hopefully inspire others to live greener lives without being preachy about it - hence the creation of Moral Fibres. I love writing and taking photos for the blog, but most of all I love it when readers get in touch to say I've helped inspire them or helped them to make changes to their lives. One of my all time favourites is when I get comments on this post on how to revive tired bees saying that they followed the advice and now the ailing bee that they found is back to full health." What can our readers look forward to from your guest posts as a Braintree Clothing Contributor? "I'm hoping to bring readers useful and practical posts about living thoughtfully and sustainably, with no socks and sandals in sight - promise!" Look out for my next post on BThoughtful soon. Love Wendy

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