Smart Packing: Ways to travel lighter

I'll be honest, this is something I'm not very good at all so any packing tips I can try, I'll gladly give them a go. I usually begin thinking of how many days I'm going to be wherever I'm going, and pack accordingly. Though it always ends the same way: sneaking in extra t-shirts, dresses and more and then suddenly, my bag is huge. Sound familiar? If so, read on for some really useful ideas on packing more thoughtfully - they're great for hand, hold or back-of-the-car luggage. Packing Tips

My top packing tips and tricks

1. Roll everything

Who wants to iron anyway, especially when you’re meant to be putting your feet up? Roll everything you possibly can to help prevent any creasing (natural fabrics like bamboo usually stay crease-free quite easily). There are extra bonuses to this too: less energy is wasted and you’ll have more time to unwind.  

2. One week, one piece of hand luggage

Sounds impossible doesn't it? Not if you watch this video I discovered. If you give it a go, let me know how you get on!

3. Stuff shoes

If you're packing boots or trainers, squash your socks into them and anything else that's small enough top pop in. You could even pop small jewellery into your socks before stuffing them.  

4. Short trip saviour: reusable bottles

Decant your shampoo, conditioner and other essentials into smaller, re-usable (recycled, if you can) bottles and use them time, after time. Useful for stay-cations and liquid-restricted short haul flights. Packing Tips

5. Pack a fabric tote

So you have a space-saving bag you can unfold and use when you reach your destination. It's also lighter to carry en-route out, yet can easily accommodate shopping or souvenirs on your way back.  

6. Travel thoughtfully

It's not just about what you pack, but also where you go, how you get there, and what you do or don't leave behind. Read our team's top tips on how to travel mindfully. Packing Tips My top packing tip...

7. Flying? Measure your suitcase

I often spot people having their hand luggage put into the hold when they're just about to board. Sometimes it's because a flight's full and short of space, but it can be because staff suspect you're bag's too big. The fix is easy: measure your suitcase and importantly, include the wheels. If you're unsure, check your airline's website before leaving or go for a slightly smaller, lighter bag than you think is allowed.   Do you already pack like a pro or always end up forgetting something? Share your packing tips with us here or on Facebook or Twitter.   Clare x

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