Washing clothes on 30°C is a no brainer, but what else can you do - that involves little, to no effort - to be even kinder on the planet? Here are our top 10 simple, yet totally effective wins. Our Top 10 Planet Pleasing Ideas 1. SAVE ENERGY, LAYER SWEATERS You'll not only save energy, you'll also save money. It's really that simple. 2. TURN OFF THE TAP Guilty of leaving water running when brushing your teeth? You're not alone. Stop for a minute and train yourself (and loved ones) so that it becomes instinctive to shut the tap off until you're ready to rinse. 3. RETHINK YOUR COFFEE CUP No more paper. Invest in a re-usable cup and use it at home, in the office (less washing up!), or take it to your local coffee shop - like-minded baristas will happily top your cup up with your daily fix. 4. SAY "NO" TO PLASTIC BAGS Taking your own bags is becoming the "norm". Go one step further and carry an organic cotton tote to pop impromptu purchases in. Buying veggies? Skip the shelf-side plastic bags and let them roll free in your basket. 5. GO VEGGIE ONCE A WEEK It's good for you as well as the planet too. We whole-heartedly recommend making The Spicy Supper from Dominic Frank's blog Bellau Kitchen – it's a favourite of ours! 6. TAKE SHORTER SHOWERS In the UK, an 8 minute shower uses approximately 62 litres of water. Cutting just 2 minutes off your daily routine will make a huge difference. Go a step further and replace your showerhead for one that’s water efficient. 7. GIVE TO OTHERS Don't just donate unwanted clothes, look for charitable organisations in need of your support. There are always food drives during the festive period but why not sign up to something year round? 8. PLANT A HERB GARDEN You don't need outside space, a window ledge is more than enough. Basil and chilli plants are super simple to grow and better still, you can use them in the delicious recipes we share on BTHOUGHTFUL. 9. REUSE PAPER Print double sided, let kids colour on the back, or keep a stash for scribbling shopping lists on. 10. PASS THE KNOWLEDGE ON! If everyone you knew embraced these steps too, our collective effort would be huge! Start sharing now and let us know about any planet-pleasing ideas of your own - we'd love to hear them! Clare x

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