Kat's Tips: How to Practice Yoga Every Day

Kat Farrants runs Movement for Modern Life, an online destination for yoga and wellbeing practice. And with the chilly mornings and an overwhelming desire to hibernate, we certainly need a good shove right now to get back into yoga. We’re sure we aren’t alone! So, here's Kat with her tips to practice yoga every day, including the benefits. Practice Yoga Every Day

Kat's Tips: How to Practice Yoga Every Day

Yoga is so very easy to practice...

It doesn’t need any fancy equipment at all, just a yoga mat. In fact, I often don’t even use a mat. Anybody can do yoga – you just need to be able to breathe. You don’t need any particular kind of body to start to practice yoga – just 10 minutes every day and some commitment. If you commit to wanting a stronger, healthier mind, greater energy, health and the opportunities of change, you’re ready to let yoga transform you. Yoga is a wonderful practice for channelling grit and resilience in life. It’s a wonderful tool to put in your kit for dealing with the ups and downs of everyday life. Sometimes life is a breeze, but often, it’s not. It can be tough on us physically and emotionally. Yoga can help us as a refuge for us to feel brighter, no matter what’s going on in life.

1. Skip the excuses

I hear, ‘I’m not flexible enough to yoga’ all the time. Do you say, ‘I can’t take driving lessons because I can’t drive’? Flexibility is a bit of a red herring really. In fact, yoga has very little to do with flexibility. It has everything to do with conscious breath work and inner transformation. With every inhale, we experience a new life, new possibilities, and with every exhale we die a small death. The possibilities for renewal and transformation are every minute of every single day. We’re often a bit busy to realise it. Yoga can bring us back to ourselves. Practice Yoga Every Day

2. Get ready to commit

You want to lose weight but you don’t want to change your habits? Guess what, it won’t happen! Same with yoga daily yoga practice. You need to have some resolve to commit to a practice. If you’re not keen on making the commitment, that’s cool – don’t feel guilty about not doing it. Do something else that will make your every day fabulous, no matter what cloudy skies may be in your life. Maybe you want to try meditation, or Qi-Gong, or another practice. You could commit to walking in nature every day. If it makes you feel amazing, do that instead. If you don’t feel that you have the tools to deal with the things that life throws at us, but you’d like some, maybe it’s time to commit! Make a firm, heart-felt commitment to yourself to your own life. Know that you can trust yourself to commit and follow-through – that’s an amazing life skill.

3. Remember why you’re practicing

I started to practice yoga every day because it made me feel wonderful, joyful and free. Then I found out the amazing, transformative, healing and life-transforming properties. Maybe you’re practicing because you love how your body feels physically and energetically when you breathe and move. Maybe you have a particular physical or emotional health concern you’re working with. Make sure that you channel that each time you practice to get yourself on the mat every day. Practice Yoga Every Day

4. Buddy up

Make yourself accountable to someone else. If you go along to a studio, see if you can grab a friend and come with them. If, like me, you practice at home online – join a community. It will help you feel accountable, offer inspiration and support from others on similar journeys.

5. Feel what you feel, just feel it!

The best practice to keep on your yoga mat is to feel how you feel before you get onto your mat. Even if you feel angry, tense, anxious or just cynical about the process. Name it out-loud. Say how you feel. And then practice. And say out loud, how you feel after. Feel what you feel, open yourself up. You may discover that something in you shifts. It’s your exploration, so just feel it. Yoga opens up space in our lives every time we practice. So, you might even find that instead of having less time because you’ve taken time out to practice, you have more. How does that work? That’s magic, the special alchemy of yoga. How does that work? Who knows! Just try it and see what your findings are.

Kat Practice Yoga Every Day

About Kat Farrants

Kat Farrants is founder of Movement for Modern Life (MFML). She quit her job as a solicitor to make top yoga and wellbeing teachers, available and accessible to all. Movement for Modern Life. Founded in 2013, Movement for Modern Life is revolutionising online yoga and wellbeing.

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