Rainy days stuck inside are a blessing and a curse. You long to be outside with nature, but rain can make you stop and take stock of your current surroundings. Which is something we all need right now. Keep reading to explore some of our favourite ways to stay entertained, creative and productive whilst taking shelter inside.

Make a inspiration board

Pull together photos and things that inspire you (for example, magazines and poetry) arrange them nicely and lay them out on a large piece of paper. Before glueing them down, add little decorations like feathers, sequins and magazine clippings to bring your collage to life. You could also do this in scrapbook form, but we like having these displayed on the wall for everyone to see and enjoy.

Create homemade animals

When we saw these etherial DIY paper moths from Merrilee Liddiard we couldn't wait to try them for ourselves. Download the printable wings to decorate and use sticks, flower stems and feathers to create the moths.

Indoor scavenger hunt

A fun activity for kids or adults looking to embrace their inner child - use our checklist above or create your own! Another way to create your scavenger hunt is to use items for another activity and have your children find those, as long as the are safe. Don't put scissors on the list!

Bring the outdoors, indoors!

Playing games traditional made for outdoors are just as good indoors, just make sure you move any breakables out the way. Games like boules and quiots can easily comes indoors and make for a great rainy afternoon.

Make a home cinema

Want to cathartically binge watch your favourite comedy series? Hang some sheets to project the show on your wall, add some twinkling lights to create a warm atmosphere. Want something more educational? Watch these eco-documentaries.

Practice your drawing skills

Have a whole household to entertain? Try challenging everyone to create self portraits and hang them up together. We love 2LG's IGTV lessons on bright and quirky self portraiture. Find other online art lessons here.

Baking and cooking

A warming soup or some tasty treats. Practicing your culinary skills is the ideal rainy day activity. Try out some of our recipes here.

Host a disco

Need a mood boost? Host an old-school school-disco! Create invitations to others in your household, or digital invites to your friends and family, get a bit dressed up (maybe for #DressUpFriday?) and put on your favourite dancing tunes.

Cultivate your indoor garden

An ecofriendly way to expand your indoor garden is by cultivating cuttings from your current plants. Check out this step by step guide to propagation. Need more ideas for your green thumb? Click here.

What's your favourite thing to do when taking shelter indoors? Let us know in the comments...

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