The secrets to an easy wardrobe detox

All too often our wardrobes are full-to-bursting with clothes that are too small, too big, have never been worn, are unflattering... we could go on. The solution to an easy wardrobe detox lies in something very simple: you need a de-cluttering strategy. And once you've got one, stick to it! Top tips and secrets of an easy wardrobe detox

6 tips for an easy wardrobe detox

Here are our tips for a stress-free strategy that'll make editing your wardrobe a breeze...   1. Dedicate enough time Maybe a morning, maybe all day. Be honest with yourself: if you've got more than one wardrobe, it'll take longer than you think.   2. Make it fun Prep a playlist that’ll keep you motivated… something uplifting but not too distracting. Some moral support and a valuable second opinion (or two!) might be helpful so get your friends involved too.   3. Have 4-5 boxes (or bags) to hand One for things you'll give to charity, one for items you'll exchange or sell, one for recycling and one for items you'll mend.   4. Take everything out Daunting as it sounds, the key is to just do it! Keep items organised by category, so dresses with dresses, shoes with shoes and so on.   5. Cull. And be ruthless. Here are some good guidelines:
  • Haven't worn it in 12 months? Cull it.
  • Try items on if you're unsure and let your friends decide.
  • Doesn't fit? Give your item to a friend or get rid of it.
  • Don't delay: the sooner you get rid of your items, the better.
  6. Celebrate! Put what's left back into your wardrobe in an organised fashion, dresses with dresses, coats with coats, or by colour if you prefer. Once you've finished, give yourself a huge pat on the back and don't forget to thank thoughtful friends for their help. You could always offer to return the favour. easy wardrobe detox top tips Don’t forget to donate all those unwanted pieces to charity, take them to a second hand clothing exchange or maybe you can organise your own clothes swap - although this would take a bit more time. Here's some handy addresses to help you:
  • Bang Bang Clothing Exchange, 21 Goodge Street, London (Visit website)
  • Retro Clothing Exchange, Notting Hill, London (Visit website)
  • To book a home collection or find your nearest TRAID clothes bank click here or check out Recycle More if they don’t cover your neighbourhood.
  • To find out more about more about swaps and swishes, check out this great resource from HUBBUB which also include some great ideas for refashioning items too.
  What are your wardrobe detox tricks? We're keen to hear them! Clare x

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