SS18 Loungewear Launch: A Chat with Xochi Balfour

To celebrate the launch of our SS18 sustainable loungewear collection we got in touch with Xochi Balfour of The Naturalista to discover more about her passions, inspirations and her blog, as well as finding out her top picks from our new collection! Xochi is a holistic wellness author and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. Through her writing and work with groups and individuals, she explores all areas of vitality and women’s healing – combining diet, natural living and various methods of spiritual inquiry to give guidance in cultivating more balance and harmony within and without. Over to Xochi… sustainable loungewear

SS18 Loungewear Launch: A Chat with Xochi Balfour

1. How did The Naturalista come about?

It wasn’t until my husband Ben and I set up our own healthy street food business, Rainbo, in 2012 and worked ourselves crazy that my passion for nutrition really ignited. Working endless hours and eating whatever we could find to keep us going, staying fit and energised became a real challenge and my health began to suffer; burnout set in and exhaustion took over. So I took a short course in nutrition, overhauled my diet and my bathroom cabinet, and from here, The Naturalista was born. I trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine as a Nutritional Therapist and travel each year to a community in Central America where I work with my teachers on meditation, breathwork, tantra and many modes of inner and outer healing. The blog (and book) embody my journey as I explore all areas of vitality and holistic living through city living, motherhood and beyond.

2. What do you consider the most important things for a healthy, happy life?

For me, true vitality comes from living in as much alignment as possible with our values, and from being bold enough to face our inner sky whatever is passing through there. We can drink as many green juices as we like (and they are amazing!) but until we address both our emotional and physical landscapes then true health and wellness can never be fully embodied. I also think it is important not to attach too much of a goal value to “happiness” - we are human and vessels for a whole array of emotions and feelings and if we look just for the lightness and the fun then we will never be satisfied. The shadows and the challenges are also part of life’s rich tapestry and embracing the whole is key to a balanced and grounded existence. sustainable loungewear

3. What was the last book you read?

I am still reading If Women Rose Rooted and have been for a long time; it’s like quenching a deep thirst to read Sharon Blackie’s beautiful, powerful and timely words in my stolen free moments.

4. Where do you feel most inspired?

In nature.

5. Do you have a role model?

Honestly at the moment I turn to Mother Earth more than anyone for insight and clarity when things get hard. We have moved to the countryside and live in the woods and this has changed so much for me. As a mother to us all she gives us unconditional abundance and support, no matter what we do, and inspires me in turn as a mother to my boy.

6. What are the words you live by?

Listen to your body.

7. What does living thoughtfully mean to you?

Listening carefully and attentively to your own intuition and following it fully no matter what the cost. sustainable loungewear

8. And finally, do you have favourite sustainable loungewear pieces from our new SS18 collection?

Here are my favourites… Jay Leggings Brunia Rose Leggings sustainable loungewear Akebia Tee Emerson Slacks sustainable loungewear Thank you Xochi! Hannah sustainable loungewear Our SS18 sustainable loungewear collection is now here. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below or tweet us @wearethought.

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