The Culture Edit: 4 Things To Do And See Now

It’s easy to be lazy right now. Hopefully that’s not only me – statistically, March is the month lots of us give up our new year resolutions have we not done so already. The problem? The weather is changeable. We’re all busy with work. And we forget to pencil in time for ourselves. How about you prioritise that last one? (It’s something I’m working on too). Here’s an exhibition, a book, and a movie to inspire you – and, hopefully, nudge you into making more time for you. Things to do and see

The Culture Edit: 4 Things To Do And See Now

To Make You Think: Designer, Maker, User @ The Design Museum

It’s likely you’re already are a designer, maker, or user – or a combination of all three. Perhaps the fact that every one of us can relate to this exhibition is what makes it so intriguing. There’s an interesting video about design and sustainability, which I didn’t get to see from start to finish (the museum was closing). What I did see was quite an eye-opener so try not to miss the film. A sustainability manager for Ikea talks in it and there’s a bit of a shocking truth timeline of the ‘best case scenario’ vs 'where we’re at' when it comes to the environment.

Things to do and see

To Read: We: A Manifesto For Modern Women, Gillian Anderson & Jennifer Nadel

This one’s next on my list to read after The Course of Love (which is turning out to offer unexpected, valuable insight into relationships). Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel share nine principles in this book, each with the intention to help you live more thoughtfully. They also give you easy-to-adopt ways to feel happier and more fulfilled. If you beat me to reading it, let me know what it’s like. Things to do and see

To Watch: If You Still Haven't Seen It... Lion

A deeply moving film about a lost child in India. You WILL need tissues – this is a real tear-jerker. The film is also helping raise the profile and funds for Magic Bus, Childline India, Railway Children India – three charities helping street children in India. There are still cinemas showing Lion. Though if there’s not one near you, why not head to the cinema to see something else – and solo? I’ve been getting back into going, and on my own. It’s something I’ve found I love. It’s such a good way to give yourself an hour or two off – and support local, independent cinemas wherever possible.

To Stretch Sunday Legs: Barbican Conservatory

Ok, this one’s more to discover a lush green oasis in the midst of Brutalist city architecture, but you’ll still enjoy the walk that comes with it. Our graphic designer, Becky, has already been so I asked her what she thought of the tropical greenhouse. “It’s great to explore and so inspiring! A lovely, hidden pocket of greenery in the middle of the urban landscape”. A much- shared opinion of many friends who’ve told me they’ve been. Top tip: It’s only open on Sundays so keep that in mind when planning a visit. Let us know if you read, watch or do any of my suggestions. Or if you have some of your own. Clare Things to do and see

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