More Than Just A Name: we do everything with thought

Choosing our name was a fun, creative process. It took a lot of time. A lot of consideration. And yet, as simple as our name is, it completely fits. We consider every single part of what we do, so our name really does go far beyond just a word. We started thinking more about this. And together we jotted down just some of the ways we think about what we do. We’re sure we’ve forgotten things, though here’s what popped up as top of mind… sustainable clothing

More Than Just A Name: we do everything with thought

We Continuously Seek Inspiration

And we usually discover it in nature – we’re just so curious about it as it’s an ever-giving source.

We Design Sustainable Clothing to Flatter Every Figure

We love that everyone is different. And we know everyone appreciates good design – especially in clothing that fits and flatters. Every piece of our sustainable clothing embodies this. Our designers tweak and tailor cuts so they complement all body shapes. You might have noticed we talk about how easy our pieces are to wear – they really are. sustainable clothing

We Use Planet-Friendly Packaging

We take time to consider how we package our garments. We ensure that our mailing bags avoid plastic, are crafted from recycled materials, and can be recycled again. Just a little bit of thought can make such a difference.

We Source And Create Sustainably

Where and how we source our yarns matters to us. And we’re really proud to only ever use sustainable ones, including organic cotton, bamboo and hemp. It’s also important to us that we manufacture our sustainable clothing in one place so there’s no unnecessary shipping of this or that. sustainable clothing

We Promote Passing Things On

In lots of ways...

We Encourage Skill Sharing

Like darning, mending denim, or turning old jumpers into woolly hats. We partner with companies like Traid to help us learn and share skills. And our contributing bloggers also teach us new ways to make or mend things - like Victoria's upcycled tote from Braintree shirts. sustainable clothing

We Support Others

As well as partnering with Traid, we also support Smart Works and In Kind. Smart Works is an incredible charity. They provide support to aspiring out of work women, through interview training and head-to-toe dressing. In Kind Direct redistributes products from companies to charities, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations. We regularly send them clothing, which gets passed on to those in need. If you'd like to know more about our partnerships, have a read here. sustainable clothing

We Remind Ourselves With a Mantra

"Wear Me, Love Me, Mend Me, Pass Me On". It sums up a lot of what we believe. It's important to us that we look after clothes. That we choice pieces we really enjoy. And when, if we do tire of them, someone else can enjoy them just as much. When was the last time you passed something on to family or friends? If you haven't lately, why not do so? It doesn't have to be giving them objects – help them with sewing, moving house, painting, or even just join them for a walk in the wild. Clare sustainable clothing How are you thoughtful? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @wearethought. You might also love reading our blog post on what Thought means to us.

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