#Thoughtful Friday, not Black Friday

bthoughtful-blog-thoughtful-friday-donation-charity-campaign-post-1 Thanks for clicking through to read this post :) And yes, what you read is correct; on Friday 27th November we will be donating 50% of all sales through our website to charity. We mean sales, not profit, which is why we’re calling the day 'Thoughtful Friday' – there’s nothing black about it for us. With much of the world going crazy for mass consumerism we wanted to do something that was a bit more thoughtful and in touch with the world around us. As an ethical and sustainable clothing brand we have many passions. That’s why we have chosen to support three charities (we just couldn’t whittle it down to one), the third of which we are asking you - our customers - to vote for. Thoughtful Friday, not Black Friday. Support #ThoughtfulFriday The first charity we are supporting is Trees for Cities. Their aim is to create social cohesion and beautify our cities through tree planting, community-led design, and education and training initiatives in urban areas that need it most. They operate both in the UK and internationally, empowering and working with local people to strengthen communities. Their vision to plant trees in cities is global and they have already planted nearly 600,000 trees around the world. Thoughtful Friday, not Black Friday. Support #ThoughtfulFriday The second charity we are supporting is CARE International, one of the world’s leading humanitarian and development organisations. Founded in 1945, they work in over 70 poor and developing countries, helping millions of the world’s poorest people find routes out of poverty and through emergencies and crises. For our third charity we really want you to get involved. We have developed a shortlist of four charities (an incredibly hard task, as you can imagine) that we feel we have an affiliation with. This is either from an environmental perspective or being able to provide them with what we know best – clothes. Here’s a little bio on each, and how you can vote for the third charity you’d like to benefit from our #THOUGHTFULFRIDAY campaign.  


bthoughtful-blog-thoughtful-friday-donation-charity-campaign-post-3 Their goal is to support and encourage educators to help young people live a more sustainable life. They work with schools, colleges, universities, teachers, local authorities, and non-governmental organisations. “We are the hub for bringing together, sharing and enhancing best practice in sustainability and environmental education”. Find out more at  

Bumble Bee Conservation

Thoughtful Friday, not Black Friday. Support #ThoughtfulFriday The Bumblebee Conservation Trust was established because of serious concerns about the 'plight of the bumblebee'. In the UK and over the last 80 years, our bumblebee populations have plummeted. Two species have become nationally extinct and several others have declined dramatically. Find out more at  

Socks and Chocs

Thoughtful Friday, not Black Friday. Support #ThoughtfulFriday This charity’s objective is to relieve hardship and distress among homeless people, and among those in need who are living in adverse housing conditions. In particular, the charity provides essential items such as bedding, toiletries, clothing, and funds essential health needs that are not readily accessible; such as foot care. They also fund short-term emergency accommodation, particularly (but not limited to) times of cold or otherwise inclement weather. Find out more at  

Garden Organic

Thoughtful Friday, not Black Friday. Support #ThoughtfulFriday “Our charity brings together thousands of people who share a common belief – that organic growing is essential for a healthy and sustainable world. Through campaigning, advice, community work and research, our aim is to get everyone growing ‘the organic way’ – Garden Organic. Find out more at  

So, here's how to vote.

All you need to do is click on this link and vote for your preferred charity. If you don’t have a Facebook account, then you can email your nomination to The vote will close at midnight on #THOUGHTFULFRIDAY, 27th November. We’ll announce both the amount we have raised and the charity chosen on Tuesday, 1st December, which is incidentally #GIVINGTUESDAY.   Here’s to being a thoughtful shopper this week.   Love Emma

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