Thoughtful Friday, Not Black Friday - 2019

Shoppers spend more in the Black Friday rush than any other time of the year. Resulting in 82,000 dedicated trucks and vans on the road delivering Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. “Black Friday has become one of the major peaks of consumerism,” said Chiara Campione, Greenpeace’s global project leader. “This shopping binge also generates greater volumes of waste than ever. This dangerous trend is harming our planet. We buy without thinking for a minute, but the waste we create will sometimes last for centuries.” We want to rethink Black Friday. Every year, we donate 50% of all sales through our website to charity. We mean sales, not profit, which is why we’re calling the day ‘Thoughtful Friday’ – there’s nothing black about it for us. As an ethical and sustainable clothing brand, we feel it is our responsibility to inspire others to be more thoughtful in everything they do. Even when it comes to shopping. Black Friday is a consumerist movement that isn’t in line with our values here at Thought. Instead, we prefer to celebrate our alternative ‘Thoughtful Friday’, which aims to give back. This year, 50% of all our website sales will be donated to The Woodland Trust.

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