We donated to TRAID. What happened next?

A few weeks ago we donated a whole load of Braintree Clothing to TRAID, whose aim is to stop clothes being thrown away. The clothes recycling charity has a network of over 1,500 clothes banks, home collections and shops in the UK so to divert around 3,000 tonnes of clothes from landfill and incineration every year. Clothes recycling charity TRAID We used their super easy, convenient collection service to pick up the items from our office and I then followed their journey! Arriving at TRAID's speciality sorting facility, I was welcomed into a vast, yet organised warehouse. As the donations are unloaded, they are weighed and recorded before being placed onto a conveyor for sorting. Any non-clothing items are first removed and recycled or sold on wherever possible. Suitable, high-quality items are then hand selected for sale in one of TRAID's 11 charity shops. Clothes recycling charity TRAID In fact, each of the shop managers personally attends the sorting facility each week to curate a collection best suited to their customers’ style and tastes. As my knowledgeable host, Lyla, explains, this is one of the things that set TRAID apart. The garments are individual to each store and unsold garments are replaced or rotated between stores after 3 weeks, keeping collections fresh and interesting. Items that are not suitable for TRAID's shops are then either upcycled as part of the TRAIDremade program or passed onto other second-hand retailers and textile recycling facilities. Clothes recycling charity TRAID


  • It is estimated that for each second-hand garment purchased in place of a new one, 5kg of CO2e is saved along with 2000 litres of water!

  • 87p of every pound spent with TRAID goes towards their charitable efforts; from their UK educational programs to improving working conditions across the textile supply chain.

Over 380,000 tonnes of textile waste go to landfill each year in the UK, which leaves a legacy of waste or generates methane and other greenhouse gases as it degrades. TRAID's efforts are making serious headway in tackling this issue by providing fashion lovers with a sustainable alternative. So, if you’re planning to wardrobe detox as we head into summer then giving it to charity is definitely the best option. You can always use our secrets to an easy wardrobe detox post to get you started. To book a home collection or find your nearest TRAID clothes bank click here or check out Recycle More if they don’t cover your neighbourhood. Rhiannon x

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