We Are Thought. And We're Lots More Too...

Noticed we are now Thought? We were formerly Braintree Clothing. And we’re keen to remind all that we’re still the home of well-designed, sustainable thoughtful clothing. So much is happening behind the scenes and we want to share this with you. Our new name and a fresh look and feel, which we revealed last month, is the first step. And this blog post gives us an opportunity to give you a bit more insight into some of the things that matter to us. Things that may resonate with you, too. Of course, we want to reassure you that while our name may have changed, we’re still the same small group of people. A passionate collective of creatives you might call us. And we’re 100% committed to contemporary, sustainable style. We Are Thought

We Are Thought: Why We Changed Our Name

We felt we had changed so much since our early days. So a name that fits who we are now and where we’re going felt natural. Even more new chapters can begin now that we are Thought. This new name reflects our philosophy on sustainability. It echoes our ethics. And it builds on our slow, ‘thoughtful clothing’ message – something that matters to you and our other customers. What Thought means to us Shop the last Braintree pieces We Are Thought

We Are Thought: We Are About A Way Of Life

That’s exactly it – our clothing isn’t just clothes, it’s about a way a life. We design for people like you. With open minds and natural curiosity. And a deep appreciation for timeless design. You’re unique and we help you celebrate that. With good design that’s for one lifestyle and mindset – yours. More about our thoughtful way

We Are Thought: We Support Sustainable Fashion

We believe that contemporary fashion and sustainability go hand-and-hand. That with a little more care and consideration there’s no reason you can’t have both. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. We Are Thought

…And We Only Use Sustainable Fabrics

Part of how we work in a thoughtful way is to use natural, organic and recycled fabrics. It takes more time and consideration to use sustainable fabrics, but we see this as time well spent. Especially when it helps lower our impact on the planet. Read more

We Are Thought: We Are Inspired By Nature

We’re drawn to woodlands, to coasts near and far. We like to escape and gain perspective. To see colour, pattern, foliage – all that grows organically around us. We bring our discoveries back with us to our North London studio. And it’s here they influence everything we do. From our hand-sketched prints to every tone in our palette. We Are Thought

We Are Thought: We're About Considered Design

Considered, sustainable and contemporary design takes time and teamwork. And as a passionate collective of creatives, we all work together to craft collections we’re proud to wear. The kind we want to still have in our wardrobes in years to come. Effortless pieces we love even more over time. More about our design Meet our designers We Are Thought

We Are Thought: We Support And Work With Others

As a sustainable clothing business, we're always looking for ways to be more thoughtful and help others. Whether that's giving garments to charities, raising funds for environmental projects, or participating in workshops where we learn and pass skills on again. We encourage you to do the same! Meet our partners We Are Thought

We Are Thought: We Are Kind To Clothes

“Wear me, love me, mend me”. That’s our mantra. A few words we use to remind us to look after the things we love. We actively encourage you to do the same. Enjoy what you wear. Fix love-worn pieces. And hand them on, to charity or friends, when you’re ready to. More kind care for clothes We Are Thought

We Are Thought: We Are More Than Meets The Eye

Becky styles shoots. Laura runs creative retreats. Rach meditates daily. Meet more of the team and discover their hidden talents. Our women of Thought

Explore Our First Collection As Thought

If you haven’t already explored it, our Spring Summer collection is now online ! It’s the same, well-designed thoughtful clothing you came to expect from us as Braintree. Only this season, you’ll see our new labels now that we are Thought. Shop Women's Shop Men's We Are Thought   rachel we are thought

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