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Thoughtful Make: Linocut Christmas Cards

linocut christmas cards

Being creative at Christmas is something I really enjoy. Whether that’s making DIY wrapping paper or hand-making presents.

This time ’round I’ve been using lino and have made my own Christmas cards. When I was studying I used to use lino a lot as I love the graphic print you can achieve. Have a go if you’re feeling crafty!

linocut christmas cards

How To: DIY Linocut Christmas Cards

You'll Need:

  • Water-based block printing inks You can get these here from the Cowling & Wilcox website
  • Lino or SoftCut (that’s the brand) plain block that’s big enough to cover your card. You can get these from most large art shops
  • Lino cutting tool – preferably with a larger and smaller blade option
  • Ink roller
  • Pencil
  • Paintbrush
  • Perspex plastic sheet
  • Blank Christmas cards

How to do it:

1. Start by drawing out your Christmas design onto your lino block. Remember that lino printing will reverse your print. linocut christmas cards 2. Using the larger lino cut blade, cut out all negative space from the design. Remember that whatever you cut away, won’t print. With the smaller blade, use this to go into the detailed areas and neaten up your design. Keep your fingers out of the way of the blade when cutting. linocut christmas cards 3. Once you’ve finished the design, roll the colours you like out onto the Perspex. Place your design gently down press all over, and then pull it away. If you want part of the lino to be a certain colour, you can paint these on using a paint brush. Follow the same pressing down step, then do your next colour (perhaps give the lino a clean) and press again.   linocut christmas cards 4. Press down your printed lino onto your card, rub gently all over and pull away. 5. Repeat with the number of colours that you want - et voila! 6. You can make as make cards as you like with this technique in a short amount of time. You can always re-use this again, or even try and make little gift tags or wrapping from the design too. Your family and friends will love the little hand-made touch.

linocut christmas cards

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Happy making!

linocut christmas cards Becky

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