ORGANIC SEPTEMBER: Discover the Benefits of Organic Farming

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ORGANIC SEPTEMBER: Discover the Benefits of Organic Farming

The Thought: Join us this September in raising awareness of the benefits of organic farming – better for the climate, nature and our health? Yes please! Now more than ever we are seeking solutions to ensure a sustainable future by encouraging people to make climate-positive decisions. Just making the small swap to organic can have a big difference.

The Feeling: In the face of climate change, diet related ill-health and widespread decline in wildlife, the need to change our food systems has never been greater. Organic farming supports biodiversity and wildlife, helps combat climate change, ensures the highest standards of animal welfare, and reduces exposure to pesticides. Read on to learn some easy ways you can start making a difference today.

Sign the Petition

The team at #OrganicSeptember are working with the Organic Trade Board on a campaign petitioning our next government to make organic farming a priority. The petition requests that in their first 100 days of government, the new Prime Minister commits to protecting nature in their policies, and represents the UK at the crucially important UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) in December.

Add your name here.

Try an Organic Veg Box

Trying to shop organic in the supermarket can feel tricky and convoluted at times, particularly when produce is wrapped up in plastic. The solution? A weekly veg box that prides itself on a no-plastic, no pesticides approach. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Riverford Organic Farmers – providing a packaging free box of loose veg, Riverford offers a colourful mix of seasonal organic produce alongside staples like onions and potatoes.
  • Abel & Cole – one of the longest running organic fruit and veg box services. Since 1988 Abel & Cole have been trying to make organic food shopping as easy as possible. Tailor your own box with seasonal fruit and veg, and add organic pantry items from their online shop.
  • OddBox – Founded on the principle of perfectly good veg that just looks a bit funny, Oddbox has grown from a small supplier in Portugal to a large community working directly with farmers and consumers across Europe. They’re B-Corp certified too.

Fresh Organic Veg September

Shop Organic Cotton

We only work with organic cotton. This means that all of our cotton is chemical-free, and growing it uses much less energy and water – 62% less energy and up to 91% less water to be precise. The cultivation of conventional cotton is one of the most harmful practices in clothing manufacturing, so looking out for the ‘organic’ tag on your clothing is very important.

These are some of our favourite organic cotton pieces of the season:

Gots & Fairtrade Organic Cotton Moon Sweater

Shop Moon Fairtrade Organic Cotton Sweater

Meridian Organic Cotton Sparkle Shirt Dress

Shop Meridian Organic Cotton Sparkle Shirt Dress

Meridian Organic Cotton Sparkle Shirt

Shop Meridian Organic Cotton Sparkle Shirt

Like our Moon Print pieces? Add the finishing touch with some jewellery. These Nouare pieces are also available in Gold:

Nouare Moon Necklace in Silver

Shop Nouare Recycled Ecosilver New Moon Face Necklace

Nouare Moon Earrings in Silver

Shop Nouare Recycled Ecosilver Half Moon Earrings

Nouare Moon Ring in Silver

Shop Nouare Recycled Ecosilver Moon Ring

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