Laura's Self Care Tips For Wellbeing and Success

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Laura's Self Care Tips For Wellbeing and Success

Self-care might be a bit of a wellness buzzword right now, but for good reason. As our lives get busier and busier the time we spend taking care of ourselves is often non existent! You may be reading this thinking that self care is a bubble bath on a Sunday night, however self care is so much more than that. Whilst taking a bubble bath is a delicious form of self care, there’s a lot more to it, think of the things you do that make you feel refreshed, recharged and filled up. For me a bath most definitely features, but so does meditation, getting a good cup of coffee on my own, yoga and walking. I always feel more calm and renewed after those activities so I make them a priority by scheduling them into my diary. So here are some self care tips to help you think about how you can incorporate me-time into your daily routine. Tips for Wellbeing

Self Care Tips for Wellbeing and Success

It’s so important to recognise the importance of self care. It’s not selfish to take care of you, ultimately we can’t take care of others and be our best selves without acts of self care on a regular basis. The saying that ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’ is so true! Creating a self care practice doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it can be as simple as asking yourself what you need to feel balanced each day and making adjustments to your daily routine, or it can be more planned and thought out. tips for wellbeing Here’s a quick breakdown of how to incorporate more self care into your week:
  • Think about your 5 top forms of self care based on how much they make you feel refreshed and filled up (these can be anything you like, they just need to make you feel good!)
  • Decide how often you can fit them into your schedule. It might be that you try and find 2 x 30 minute slots so you do two one week and two different things the following week. Don’t forget to ask for help if you need to make that happen!
  • Don’t feel guilty, you deserve this time for you!
  • Enjoy it!
tips for wellbeing The most important thing is making that commitment to yourself and then not feeling guilty for it. If the idea of ‘me first’ doesn’t feel good to you, just try and think ‘me too’. You deserve to get your needs met simply by existing. Prioritising your own self care is a great way to show other people in your life that they also deserve self care too, it’s brilliant to model that for your children too! Try this out and enjoy taking care of yourself today. If you’d like to explore self care further you can grab my free Ultimate Self Care Kit here. It will guide you through the process of creating your own self care plan. Laura Agar Wilson tips for wellbeing You might also enjoy reading our Fall In Love With Yourself post.

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