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The fabric: Bamboo

The power of plants

Luxuriously soft on your skin and powerfully insulating – warm in winter, cool in summer. This fabric is organic and naturally renewable too. 

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The process:

Our Bamboo plants are grown organically. This protects surrounding soil, water and biodiversity. When the plant reaches maximum height, the leaves and woody shoots are harvested and soaked in sodium hydroxide and sodium disulphide. The bamboo solution is then pulped and pushed through spinnerets with tiny holes – like a showerhead. The resulting threads are spun and woven into cloth.

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the impact:

• Can absorb up to 12 tonnes of Co2 per hectare every year 

• Incredibly fast growing, so highly renewable 

• Releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than hard wood trees

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The aftercare:

Has inherent antimicrobial properties, so stays fresh longer. Meaning you need to wash it less. 

wash instructions

no ironing
no ironing
no tumble drying
no tumble drying
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