Modal is a sustainable viscose produced by the Austrian company, Lenzing AG™. It comes from beech trees, a natural renewable resource.

The Facts

Lenzing™ grow beech trees in sustainable, European, PEFC certified forests

10-20 times less water consumption than cotton

95% of production waste is recovered and recycled

End fabric is 50% more absorbent than cotton

How it's made

Beech trees grow


Wood is pulped

Fibers are created

Woven into fabric

  1. Beech trees grow naturally in Austria, where Lenzing™ are based. They’re a sustainable source of raw material and multiply by rejuvenation, meaning they reseed by themselves.
  2. The entire production chain for Modal uses Edelweiss technology. This is a symbiotic process where the pulp, gets produced at the same site as the Modal fibre itself.
  3. Once mature, the wood is harvested and the chips are broken down into pulp. Long fibres are created by forcing this pulp through spinnerets dotted with tiny holes, a bit like a shower head.
  4. The long strands are soaked in sulfuric acid, washed and dried. The yarn is then loaded onto spools.
  5. These fibres are then ready to be spun into soft, lightweight, breathable Modal fabric.


Why we love it

For its sustainable production process, from growth to fabric. For its beautiful drape and silky-smooth feel. For its excellent absorbency.

The Lenzing™ Group is an international group with its headquarters in Lenzing, Austria. Through unique, resource-conserving technologies they develop natural, renewable fibres for industry, brands and retailers, whilst protecting the natural environment.

We combine Modal with HEMP to create a wonderfully soft, flowing fabric – perfect for smart woven pieces.