Our natural,

sustainable fabrics

Part of how we work in a thoughtful way (the only way in our book) is to use natural, organic and recycled fabrics. It takes more time and consideration to use sustainable fabrics, but we see this as time well spent. Especially when it helps lower our impact on the planet.

What makes us even more passionate about these fabrics is their super hero properties. Take wool for example; its natural fibres have thermal properties. This means it’s super-soft and cosy by nature. Then there's organic fabrics like the cotton we use. It needs so much less processing so creates far less harmful waste – so less landfill.

When we first started out, hemp was our go-to fabric. (Thanks to its irresistible, textural finish and the ability to soften after each wear). We’re still head-over-heels with hemp today, though we now also use innovative additions like tencel and modal. Both of these begin life as sustainably grown trees. With a careful regeneration, become the soft and drapey fabrics we know and love. Amazing, right? Read on to discover even more about the truly brilliant fabrics we use.

Breathable Bamboo

Bamboo learns quick, cooling you down or warming you up. It’s silky soft to touch. And it’s just as gentle on the environment too; growing fast and using minimal resources.

Helpful Hemp

Grown and woven with every effort to protect the planet, hemp is super-strong, yet soft on your skin. (Just one of many reasons we love it). It doesn’t wear out, it wears in and with time it gets softer still.

Wonder WooL

100% natural and naturally cosy too. Like all our fabrics, our wool is sustainable and ethically sourced. And this natural wonder? It's as luxe feeling as it is long-lasting.

No Ordinary Cotton

Our cotton is different because it’s organic. Spun with care and comfort, it’s softer, kind to your skin and so much gentler on the planet.

Our cotton clothing is 100% organic. Join us and commit to choosing only organic cotton.


This special fabric began life as a plastic bottle or two. Now recycled and reworked, it’s so strong and incredibly soft. If you love the planet you’re sure to love this too.


Our rayon comes from recycled tree pulp. It's spun into soft, silky fabric. It drapes beautifully and is a joy to wear – try it to see for yourself.

Tree-Friendly Tencel

You’d never know it, but this fabric was once wood. Recycled and reimagined, it’s been lovingly transformed into the most comfortable clothes around.

Healthy, Happy Animals

We use sustainably and humanely sourced wool. We really wouldn’t have it any other way. Want to know more about how we protect sheep and other animals?

Only Approved Fabrics

Our organic cotton is Global Organic Textile Standard2 (GOTS) certified. This means it has the official organic 'seal of approval'.

What about our dyes? They are Azo-free (a harmful carcinogen). And the finishes we use are as gentle on the environment as possible thanks to Oeko Tex®.

We know that’s a lot of jargon to take on board so if you’d like to know more, have a look at the GOTS and Oeko Tex websites. They make it super-simple.