As a sustainable clothing business, we're always looking for ways to be more thoughtful and help others. Whether that's giving garments to charities, raising funds for environmental projects, or participating in workshops where new skills are learned and passed on again. We encourage you to do the same!

Read on to discover the partners we're really proud to be working with...

Smark Works Interview Clothes Charity

Smart Works

Smart Works are an incredible charity that provides support to aspiring out of work women - through interview training and head-to-toe dressing. They have offices in some of the UK's major cities and have a great success rate in giving their clients the confidence to secure employment.

Every season we are now donating all of our unworn production samples and a selection of our current range of Thoughtful Clothing, which enables them to offer more choice to their clients and set them up for success.


Our mantra "Wear Me, Love Me, Pass Me On" could just as easily be Traid's. The charity stops over 3,000 tonnes of clothing going to landfill every year, often hand-selecting donations to suit the unique personality of each of their 11 stores.

As a partner of Traid's, we work with them in two ways. Firstly, we donate re-saleable clothing to the charity every season. Secondly, we invite them to Thought HQ and also attend their workshops where we learn new skills like darning and denim patching, skills that we can then enjoy passing on to others.

In Kind Direct

Like other clothing businesses, we occasionally find ourselves with a little too much of our clothing. We want our un-sold garments to continue their journey, and so, we work In Kind Direct - a UK based charity that matches the surplus stock with those in need.

In Kind Direct redistributes products from companies to charities, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations. This can be anything from cosmetically damaged furniture and household goods, to shoes and clothing.


We are a founding member of Mysource - a new platform to enable fashion businesses to succeed in tomorrow's marketplace by matching fashion professionals with the right connections and resources to grow successful, sustainable businesses. These are exciting times ahead as we build on ten years of work as founding partners of the Ethical Fashion Forum, which now reaches a global network spanning 141 countries.

Mysource is an impact intiative where social and environmental impact go hand-in-hand with financial returns. Mysource makes doing business easy, whether you're a brand, retailer, supplier (textiles and production), or individual (professional, entrepreneur, or student).

Our investment in Mysource strengthens our commitment to creating change and achieving real impact in the fashion industry.