We take every step possible to show great care to the people involved in making our clothing. And we show the same consideration towards the environment - treading as lightly as possible.

It's about the whole journey for us. From where we source our fabrics. How and where our manufacture happens. And who we work with. Not forgetting of course, how our finished collection reaches your wardrobe.

Our Conscious Supply - Thought Clothing

How we source fabric

When we first started, hemp was the only fabric we used, China was the go-to-place for the best quality hemp fibres. Over time, China continues to innovate its eco fabrics and offering. So much so that we now source all our natural, sustainable and recycled fabrics here. Like our organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp. Sourcing fabric and making our clothing in one place helps too, and also helps keeps our carbon footprint down.

We grow businesses together

It's important to us that we continue to work with some of the first factories we did when we founded the company. We've grown our businesses and skills together. And we'll continue to do so.

Naturally, we've added to our partnerships along the way. When we do so, we always have the long-term in mind. Our relationships are completely open and always two-way. We share growth, we share the same vision. And together we create more jobs, protect wages, and develop skills as well as businesses.

Our Thoughtful World - Thought Clothing

Only Slow Shipping

From first to final stitch, we make each piece of our collection in the same country so it's never shipping from place to place. When it is time to transport our clothing, we do it slowly. And with great consideration for the environment.

Help Continue Our Clothing's Story

We want you to help us highlight how important it is to choose sustainable clothing. The first step is to wear it! There are a lot of other things you can do to help. You could make our mantra, "Wear Me, Love Me, Mend Me, Pass Me On", yours too. It's easy. Here's a few things you can do:

- commit to wearing clothing more than once before washing.
- repair (rather than replace) clothes when needed.
- give unwanted clothes to friends, family or charity.

Ethical Fashion Forum

We believe that sustainability and contemporary fashion can go hand-in-hand. And so, we're proud to be founding partners of The Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF). It's a not-for-profit network that champions ethical production.

We're also members of EFF's Fellowship 500. Its goal is to bring together 500 pioneers and innovators dedicated to better sustainability in the fashion industry.

Our Policies

Like to know more on how we look after people, animals and the environment? Take a look at our policies.