Nuud Sustainable Deodorant - Rose Pink


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  • Twin pack: enough for 19-20 weeks on average
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No aluminium, no fragrances, no vague chemicals, no alcohol
  • 2 x 20ml tubes
  • No clogging, no staining
  • Apply a small pea size amount under your arms

A twin pack of this revolutionary deodorant that's highly effective and totally natural. Sweating is an important function of your body. And, unlike regular deodorants that clog the sweat glands, nuud allows the body to rid itself of toxins and restores the perspiration system.

When you first use nuud you'll need to discover your ideal application frequency. Despite the fact you use only a tiny, pea-sized bit of nuud, the effect really lasts for several days. The average is 3 days, but everyone is different so you'll need a week or two to discover your ideal frequency. For instance, start by applying nuud every other day and then experiment with the frequency to discover what works for you. Sports, being active or showering have no effect on nuud's effectiveness.

This tube is amazingly small but contains enough nuud for, on average, 6-7 weeks. This is because nuud is super-concentrated and easy to apply. The tiniest bit is more than enough. Wash your armpits, dry them off, and apply a pea-sized amount evenly under each arm. Don't use too much as it would be a waste of your product.

Nuud is all about being carefree. No junk in, or on your body. No worries about body odour. No stains on your clothing. No environmental pollution. And as many people as possible with smiles on their faces.

ONLY 10 NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Pure micro silver, coconut oil, castor oil, zinc oxide, almond oil, mineral clay, vegetable emulsifier, castor oil extract, vegetable mix enhancer, carnauba wax.

Nuud Sustainable Deodorant  - Rose Pink - Thought Clothing UK

Nuud Sustainable Deodorant - Rose Pink


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