The journey and environmental impact of clothing does not end once purchased. With thoughtful care not only will your clothes continue to look great, but you can also lessen waste; including waste of water and power.

We created a mantra to remind ourselves of this. And we actively encourage you to borrow and embrace it.

Wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on

This is our mantra and it’s all about supporting a longer life for your clothes. Enjoy what you wear, fix love-worn pieces, and hand them on when you’re ready. We hope our mantra helps you choose well and cherish what you buy.

Wear Me

So many clothes we own are only worn a handful of times. (You may even have a few still with the labels on). Why not dig out everything you have and go through it properly?

Donate what you’re not wearing, and commit to wearing what’s left with regularity. We’ll help you do it too, by sharing ideas on our blog. Sometimes these might be styling tips, like how to wear things more than one way, though check back regularly as we’re always finding new tips!

Clothes Rail

Love Me

Shopping smart and buying pieces you really love is a good ethos to have. Even at sale times. Ask yourself if you really need it. Will you wear, with 2 or more items you already own?

When you buy something you do love, look after it properly to help it last longer. Check the care labels inside the garment and try not to wash after a single wear.

Look out for handy DIY tutorials on our blog . They’re a great way to care for your thoughtfully chosen clothes, without adding harmful chemicals. If you own garments with synthetic fibres it’s worth investing in a Guppy Bag too. This captures any microfibres that come loose in the wash and saves them from polluting water supplies.

We found a great resource – the care and repair page of Love Your Clothes. Check it out for hints on everything from stain removal to looking after delicates, like lace.

Navy Top

Mend Me

Whether it’s a hole, ripped seam or a little snag, often these pieces get left unworn or put aside for charity. Working with experts, we share both simple and more creative techniques to repair items. This often includes upcycling and repurposing. We learned to darn with Traid, and they also shared with us how to make bobble hats out of our unworn jumpers. See below for how to do it too.


Pass Me On

Don’t forget that when you buy something, its journey impact on the planet continues. Minimising this is easy when you follow our mantra. And also if, rather than letting things go to waste, you pass them on. You could hold a clothes swap like we have. Give books you’ve read to friends and let them enjoy them too.

Of course, donating to charity is always a good idea. Make sure you pair shoes so they don’t go to waste when collections are sorted. Do give clean and good quality items. If things are ripped or a little too damaged to be worn, you could always tear them into dusters – or make these with odd socks.

Purple Jacket


Did you know that some charities will come and collect directly from your home? We’re working with Traid on a scheme so you don’t have to carry clothes to recycling points. So far, they’re covering London, Brighton, Slough, Windsor and part of Hertfordshire. Look out for collection boxes atV2 some of our stockists too

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From how to sew buttons on (the professional way) to tutorials on upcycling old shirts, you’ll find lots of resources on our blog. We’re always keen to hear how you extend the life of your clothes too so why not join us on Instagram and Facebook?