Wear and Care


A longer life for your clothes.

That quote? That’s our mantra. A few words we use to remind us to look after the things we love.

We actively encourage you to do the same. Enjoy what you wear. Fix love-worn pieces. And hand them on when ready. We hope our mantra helps you choose well and cherish what you buy.

Love Me

Shopping smart and buying things you really love is a good ethos to have. Quality, designed-to-last clothing that you’ll come to adore over time doesn’t mean a hefty price tag either. We design our clothing to look great. To do the distance. And to never be much of a stretch for your wallet.

If you’re unsure about something, ask yourself these simple questions. They’ll help you make sure you ‘LOVE’ it.

How will you wear the garment?
What will you wear it with?
Will you wear it at least 30 times?
Is it a trend that will go out of fashion? Or is it a classic?
Is it made to last?
Is it easy to care for?

Don’t forget to give attention to how you store clothes, It can help them last even longer. Check out our tips for storing your clothes.