"Wear Me, Love Me, Mend Me, Pass Me On"

A longer life for your clothes


That quote? That's our mantra. A few words we use to remind us to look after the things we love.

We actively encourage you to do the same. Enjoy what you wear. Fix love-worn pieces. And hand them on when ready. We hope our mantra helps you choose well and cherish what you buy.

Wear Me

There are plenty of easy ways to cut your utility bills, save energy and still look great. How about these?

1. Try wearing your clothes more than once before washing
2. Add an extra layer before turning on the heating
3. Always wash clothes at lower temperatures.

Washing and drying our clothes is one of the biggest ways we add to our energy consumption. So why not try our top tips for more conscious clothes care.

Love Me

Shopping smart and buying things you really love is a good ethos to have. Quality, designed-to-last clothing that you'll come to adore over time doesn't mean a hefty price tag either. We design our clothing to look great. To do the distance. And to never be much of a stretch for your wallet.

If you're unsure about something, ask yourself these simple questions. They'll help you make sure you 'LOVE' it.

How will you wear the garment?
What will you wear it with?
Will you wear it at least 30 times?
Is it a trend that will go out of fashion? Or is it a classic?
Is it made to last?
Is it easy to care for?

Don't forget to give attention to how you store clothes, It can help them last even longer. Check out our tips for storing your clothes right here.

Mend Me

Darn it, patch it, upcycle it! There are lots of ways your can prolong the life of your clothes. Traid, the not-for-profit charity, showed us how to give our ripped denim a new lease of life. They've also taught us the lost art of darning.

Want to try upcycling? Try the tote bag tutorial on our Thoughts contributor Victoria did for us. She made her bag from some of our old shirts.

With thoughtful buying, care and mending, we think it's easy to love clothing for longer. Our aim is to share the skills we've been learning. And to help build on them all the time with new and exciting ways to help you enjoy clothes for longer.

Pass Me On

We can't ignore that sometimes, you do tire of a piece of clothing. (It happens to the best of us). Maybe it's simply as it no longer fits. In this case, we think the best option is give it to someone who can use it

We do this with Smart Works, Traid and In Kind Direct. It means our production samples and old stock can find new homes. And with someone that can start a whole new journey just by wearing them.

We're sure everyone has clothing in their wardrobes that's unworn. Rather than leave those pieces unloved, pass them on! And yes, there's even a place for unwanted underpinnings. Wendy our Thoughts contributor, has more on recycling old bras.

Our friends at Traid are experts on clothes recycling. So we asked them to pull together their top tips on donating clothes to charity. Why not have a read?

What else can you do?

Lots! Here are a few ideas to get you kick-started...

1. Sometimes a clothing sort out can seem like a chore. Check out our easy ways to do a wardrobe detox so you can make light work of shifting old clothes.

2. Read our top 10 ways to make a planet-pleasing difference. They might be small, but they do make a big difference. Especially if you get friends and family in on the fun.

For more helpful ideas on how to make a planet-pleasing difference, check out our blog Thoughts. Or tell us yours. Email and we'll happily share your ideas.