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DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial: Becky's Foraged Wreath

It’s that time of year when we all start busying ourselves with Christmas shopping, entertaining, decorating and more. My reputation in the office is the “foraging one” which actually lends itself well to this DIY foraged wreath tutorial. I’m often out and about finding greenery and more for our shoots, or even just for decorating my own home in London! The inspiration behind this design was to create a foraged wreath that can go inside or outside of the home. Something that is more modern, but still with a wild organic feel. This DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial is a nice opportunity to go on a long, crisp, winter walk and find some greenery to make your own foraged wreath; one that will still impress your guests and family this festive season! DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial

DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial: Becky's Foraged Wreath

You will need:

• Wreath Hoop – mine is copper and about 35mm in diameter. You can make this out of the metal wire. • Floral wire – green is ideal but you can use metal 1mm wire. I used both at different points. • Wire cutters • Winter greenery and berries (your choice!) • Gardening gloves (if using holly or spiky material) DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial

How to:

1. Head out on a long countryside walk with lots of trees (or into your garden if you have one!) and gather 3-5 different types of greenery and/or berries. If you can make them diverse it will give an organic feel to the wreath. E.g. Olive trees or eucalyptus for the long pieces and deciduous fir trees for the bulk. I gathered some red berries for mine to go with the greenery. Other options depending on your taste: fir cones, or feathers, or even dried sliced orange could work! If you really struggle to find enough – the florist is an option, but it’s a lot more fun to find your own! DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial 2. Create a small hand-held bundle with some of the greenery and wrap at the end with the metal wire. Make the bunch as varied as possible – this will create an organic looking wreath. DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial 3. Lay the bundle over the hoop and using the green wire, wrap around both where the stem meets the hoop. DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial 4. Make another small bundle of greenery, wrap with wire at the end and lay over the 1st bundle in the same direction, making sure the top of the 2nd bundle hides the wire. DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial 5. Repeat step 2 & 3 until you have a full looking foraged wreath. I actually did three-quarters of my wreath so the copper was showing. 6. If you have any gaps or wire showing, attach pieces of the denser greenery to cover them and make sure to tuck under other greenery to hide that wire. DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial 7. Hang up inside or out, or give to a friend or family as an early gift for their home! Happy foraging and making! DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial Did you try out Becky's DIY Christmas wreath tutorial? Let us know what you foraged in the comments below or tweet us @wearethought! You might also love reading Becky's DIY Linocut Christmas Card tutorial.

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