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Thoughtful Make: Becky's Natural Gift Wrap

Every year at Christmas, we generally spend fortunes on wrapping paper and gift tags, only for it to be pulled off in about 30 seconds. I nearly always buy recycled, brown wrapping paper with jute string, which is a sustainable fibre that livens up a present. In the past, I've bought different paper and then regretted it, only to come back to the good old brown, natural gift wrap again, purely because it’s so versatile. So each year it’s a contest for me as to how I can improve the wrapping from the previous year in order to get the same “wow” factor from my family and friends. Here are some of my favourite ideas for this year...  

My Natural Gift Wrap Ideas To Liven Up Your Wrapping

Natural Gift Wrap

1. Foraged holly with red berries

This time I took a little Winter walk into my garden and cut some holly to pop underneath my string. If you collect on Christmas eve, it will last a couple of days on the presents. You can use any evergreen cutting really as they stay fresher for longer without water. It’s a simple, natural and festive way to liven up your wrapping.   Natural Gift Wrap

2. Mini wreath garlands

I found this lovely wreath wrapping tutorial by Liz Stanley of Say Yes blog, which really inspired me for this year. You could even make extra to decorate the Christmas tree or hang on your front door!   Natural Gift Wrap

3. Add a photo underneath

I really liked this idea from Artifact Uprising and photographer Emilie Anne Szabo, to add a little photograph underneath your Christmas greenery - a nice personal touch that could make someone laugh too.   Natural Gift Wrap

4. Foraging for feathers

I think this is a lovely idea from blogger Emma of A Quiet Style - using foraged feather’s to decorate your gifts. She gives 5 different ways to wrap your presents too. You could even use different-shaped dried leaves if you can’t find feathers. Start having a look when you are out for a walk - you’ll be surprised by what you can find.   These ideas are a great excuse to go for a crisp Winter walk, or get creative for a day. Most importantly they will make you feel festive! If you need any more ideas on DIY Christmas wrapping, check out my stamp printing ideas, or lino cut Christmas cards. Happy wrapping! Natural Gift Wrap Becky

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