This week is Fairtrade fortnight, so we wanted to take the opportunity to talk more about what this means and why it's so important. As a business, we are proud to be in partnership with Fairtrade through the production of our t-shirt collection, ensuring a fair treatment of the environment and workers through every stage of the production process.


What is Fairtrade?


Working together with companies and businesses, Fairtrade seeks to tackle the injustices of traditional trading by examining every step of the production process. Conventional trading affects the most vulnerable people in the world, and Fairtrade exists to see this changed.


How does it work?


Fairtrade ensure that workers and farmers have an equal say in each decision made; through every stage of production, all the way through to the trading of goods. The over-arching vision is to allow producers to achieve secure and sustainable livelihoods, abolish poverty and take control of their futures. Fairtrade will set economic and environmental standards to protect workers' rights, and independently check that standards have been met by all parties involved through the production process. Each Fairtrade product proudly shows off its Fairtrade symbol to indicate these credentials to consumers.


Which Products are Fairtrade?


Nowadays, it is easy to buy Fairtrade alternatives, and they come in a wide variety of products. From coffees and teas, to chocolate and flowers, many of these items can be found at your local supermarket. Did you know, cotton is the world's oldest commercial crop, and one of the most important crops in the textile industry? This means that cotton farming is vital to the survival of many low-income farming families. Cotton farmers face challenges due to climate change, low prices and the inability to compete with other farmers; and Fairtrade has been able to offer these farmers an alternative route to trade higher, and make a more stable income.

We are proud to have partnered with Fairtrade in the production of our capsule collection of cotton t-shirts. Each piece is made from Fairtrade cotton which is certified, traded and audited and sourced from Fairtrade producers.


Discover more about Fairtrade here

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