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Article: Helen Cousin Botanics x a love of painting

Helen Cousin Botanics x a love of painting

Helen Cousin Botanics x a love of painting

We stumbled across @helencousinsbotanics instagram page, and fell in love. Such unique beauty, care and consideration in each painting. We just had to know more.... Helen was kind enough to tell us a little about herself and her passion for painting: 
  1. Tell us a little bit about you?
    A bit about me...! Well, I'm a botanical artist, and I share Thought's passion for nature and earth's beauty, and hope to capture that in my watercolour illustrations. I have been painting since I left school, and now balance that alongside working as a doctor for a hospice, providing palliative and end of life care for people in our community. Painting and nature are, therefore, wonderful healers for me. They allow me to unwind, relax, and remind me of the importance of caring for the earth, as well as each other. 
  2. It’s so important to find something that relaxes you after a busy day. Are there any other ways that you find relax you?
    Aside from painting, it's being outside. I have a little campervan I love to go out exploring in, but most days it's as simple as a morning walk in the fields near my home. Seeing the sun rise, for me, is the perfect start to the day! I also love to get lost in a good book. 
  3. Recommendations for someone getting into watercolour painting? Any easy starting points?
    I'd say invest in a small number of good quality watercolour paints (most of the time I work with just the same six paints!) a few brushes and some watercolour paper. Then, just play. Experiment. Find a moment to get lost in what you're doing. There are lots of great YouTube tutorials you can follow. If you're really keen to learn, then signing up to an in-person workshop is a great way to get started. 
  4. Tell us more about your workshops!
    I host one-day and three-day botanical art workshops at West Green House in Hampshire. It's a gorgeous location, and we spend the day painting in a beautiful greenhouse. The prices start at £95 for a one-day workshop, and they are suitable for complete beginners, as well as those with some more painting experience. We get treated to a gorgeous lunch, and afternoon tea and cake! It's a perfect way to spend a day. 
  5. You're releasing a stationary collection, that’s so exciting! What inspired this? When is this available, we’d love to keep a look out!! 
    Thank you! I'm very excited about it. It's inspired by all of my observations of nature, but particularly the time when colours and scents burst through in spring. It's designed to be fun and bright, to bring a little joy to someone's day! In my mind, there's nothing better than receiving a handwritten card or letter in the post from a loved one. 
  6. From your insta it seems you love to travel and paint, where is your favourite place to set up camp? Is there a particular place that inspired you?
    I'm constantly inspired by my travels in my campervan, Skye! We end up gravitating towards the coast - Devon and Cornwall, in particular. I can hop on my surfboard in the morning, come back to the campervan and warm up with a hot drink, before settling down for an afternoon of painting. It's bliss!

Follow @helencousinsbotanics on Instagram now to keep up with her gorgeous work and exciting adventures!

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