In the cold, dry autumn weather, our skin needs a little more care and attention. It’s important to moisturise multiple times a day, and make sure you take plenty of vitamins B and C; both of which help to repair damaged skin. Taking a bit of time for ourselves, prioritising our skincare also helps to lift our mood and feel more relaxed.

Discover some of our Thought Living products:

Cleansing Skin Tonic by Wilder Botanics

This nourishing and cleansing skin tonic contains nourishing ingredients such as Burdock root and dandelion root, meaning it is naturally high in antioxidants.

Meet Rachel from Wilder, and discover how to make your very own face oil.

Organic Body Cream with Fennel Extract by 58

Containing 100% natural oils and plant extracts, this body cream is the perfect moisturiser for daily use. Hydrating and nourishing, this lovely cream is gentle and natural and also makes for the perfect gift.

Face Mask by Mona Living

This purifying face mask is unisex, non-toxic and 100% vegan and cruelty free. Including vitamins A, C and E, this mask helps to repair damaged skin.

Meet Ru, the founder of Mona Living as she talks us through her skincare routine here.

Organic Rose Water Facial Toner by Mona Living

Made with organic rose water, this facial toner helps to restore your skins PH levels. Our skin is naturally acidic, and our use of alkaline-based soaps and cleansers can disrupt this balance, leading to acne and damaged skin. Using a facial toner can help to balance the skin again.

Organic Face Mask by Upcircle

This luxurious face mask by Upcircle is gently de-toxifying, fighting blackheads and minimising pores using natural ingredients. Made with the fine powder of discarded olive stones, this mask will leave your skin feeling cleansed and smooth.

Meet Anna, the co-founder of Upcircle as she talks us through her skincare routine.

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