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Article: Resources For Mental Health Awareness Week 2021


Resources For Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Each year, Mental Health Awareness Week provides the opportunity to open up conversations around mental wellbeing, self-reflection, and reminds us to check-in with ourselves and our loved ones. This year in particular has been challenging, and many of us have found that our mental health has been affected. With there still being such uncertainty in our everyday lives, it is now essential that we look after our mental wellbeing. Whether reading and podcasts are your thing, or you enjoy getting creative, we bring you some of the mindful resources we have found useful recently.

Mindful Reads

Get Happy, Anthony Gunn

Written by psychologist Anthony Gunn, this practical guide offers simple tips to help discover happiness. Bringing together quotes and ideas from deep thinkers, this book will set you off on a journey to find happiness and contentment.

It's OK to Feel Things Deeply, Carissa Potter

This wonderful book is the perfect gift idea for a family member or friend, struggling with their mental health. Affirming and positive, this book seeks to validate complex feelings and provide a sense of comfort.

I Am Here Now, The Mindfulness Project

The Mindfulness Project is a London-based organisation, seeking to teach and spread mindfulness in the UK. This book is packed full of creative activities that inspire curiosity and mindful thinking through an engaging, simple approach.

Get Out of My Head, Meredith Arthur

This illustrated guide is perfect for over-thinkers and those who are affected by daily anxiety. Through calming visuals and illustrations, this book offers exercises in dealing with stressful thoughts and anxiety.

Mind and Body

Enjoy a Sound Bath

Come back to your centre through the healing properties of sound. Reverberating sounds resemble the meditative, clear and peaceful state of mind that happens while daydreaming, and this is seen as the gateway into deep creativity and imagination. In this state, deep seated healing can take place.

Notice Your Breath

Taking note of your breath is essential to maintaining a constant, steady level of calm and has enormous benefits to your overall health. One of the best ways to engage with your breath is practicing focussed 'breath work'. Breathing controls the function of the entire body and is said to both boost the immune system and increase energy levels.

Sleep Tight

Quality of sleep can have an impact on mental health. Lack of sleep leads to tiredness, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed. In turn, this can lead to low self esteem, and wider struggles with mental health. The good news is that there are some small, practical ways you can relax your body into sleep. Try having a hot bath or shower before bedtime, and make sure you have curtains or blinds that keep out the light. Keeping your room cool and clutter-free also helps reduce stressful thoughts just before bedtime.

Relax and Listen

Happy Place with Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton helps people to unlock their inner happiness through Happy Place — chatting to inspiring people who have made a change in their lives that has transformed their outlook.

Jen Gotch is OK Sometimes

Join Jen Gotch as she talks honestly about her fears, triumphs and pain, and takes you on a journey to becoming more self-aware. Covering topics such as anxiety and stress, Gotch talks about ways to find joy and pursue peace.

Explore more ways to look after yourself here.

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