Spotlight on: Xanthe Gladstone, chef and organic vegetable grower

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Spotlight on: Xanthe Gladstone, chef and organic vegetable grower

What made you so passionate about cooking in the first place? Was it something you grew up with?

My passion for cooking has definitely grown very strongly over the last few years! Food was a big part of my life growing up as I came from a family of eight and so meal times were always a big deal. My mum is an amazing cook and always made everything from scratch so that’s definitely where I got a lot of my love for creating healthy, delicious bowls of food.

When did you start growing and then cooking your food? It must be hugely satisfying! Tell us what you love most about garden-to-table cooking?

I started growing my own food about 3-4 years ago and I have loved it ever since. I’m so drawn to knowing and understanding where my food comes from and so growing my food is the ultimate way to experience that. Knowing I grew it from a seed, nurtured it, and then picked and grew it.. the feeling doesn’t get old! I love being connected to my ingredients and food.

We know you host supper clubs - what’s the best bit about them for you? The cooking, the socialsing? Everything? We’d love to know!

I think the best part is the social element. Not only do I love the people who come along, but I also love meeting new people, and understanding what kind of people my food attracts. It’s a wonderful feeling watching new friendships blossom from these events.

Have you got any tips for someone who'd love to start growing their own food to cook but isn't quite sure how? Maybe 2 or 3 simple veggies or herbs people could grow as a starter if their fingers aren't as green as yours?!

I would say hardy herbs like rosemary, sage, and thyme are such a good place to start. In the winter they can live inside so even if you live in a small flat in the city, you can still have access to delicious homegrown produce and your kitchen will always smell delicious. They are hardy plants and so hard to kill, and if you do have the space, you can move them outside in the winter.

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