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Made with thought: Cushion Cover Tutorial

Our #Bthoughtful contributor Victoria of Found & Sewn recently shared with us how to capture the essence of summer with her pressed flower project. This week Victoria shows us another creative make-it-yourself idea with her envelope cushion cover tutorial. Here she is... envelope cushion cover tutorial I painted a wooden chair for my sewing room a few years ago and I still love it today, but I thought it needed updating so I decided to make a new cushion cover for it. I bought a lovely cotton, Copenhagen print fabric from my local haberdashery, which looks great with the Annie Sloane cornflower blue chalk paint, which I used to paint the chair back and seat. I then finished it off with a clear wax. I bought my chair at a local flea market for next to nothing and the quality is great. There are some amazing vintage/ collectors fairs across the country where you can find some great pieces of furniture, which just need a bit of TLC to bring them back to life. A clean and polish, or a lick of paint to make them into something you will love and cherish. envelope cushion cover tutorial Here are a few of my tips flea market tips: Arrive early to see the best stuff. Bring cash, dealers very rarely accept cards. Bring a tape measure, nothing worse than finding out something is too big for your space at home. Look in boxes, the best stuff isn't always on show. Don't rush, take your time to inspect items thoroughly. Bring snacks, or you will resort to that greasy burger van. Know your price, so you don't pay over the odds for a piece you love. Have fun, I love just looking around, even if I don't buy anything. If buying wooden pieces check for live woodworm (small holes with dust, It can be easily treated if you love the item) Pick things up, look underneath, check legs, arms, hinges and spindles. Check out this site, iacf.co.uk to find your local fair and let me know if you grab a bargain! envelope cushion cover tutorial

DIY Envelope Cushion Cover Tutorial

I made a quick and simple envelope cushion cover for my painted chair, which has two overlapping panels so you can easily remove the cushion pad. You Will Need Square cushion pad Fabric Matching sewing thread Scissors Pins Sewing machine Tape measure Iron   How To

Step 1:

Cut one front panel the width and depth of your cushion pad. I’m using a 50x50cm cushion pad. Next you need to work out the measurements for the two back panel pieces. The first measurement is the depth of your cushion pad. The next is the width, 2/3 the width of your cushion pad plus 2cm for a hem. Cut 2 pieces of fabric to these measurements for your back panels. I cut one 50x50cm front panel piece and two 50x35cm back panel pieces.

Step 2:

envelope cushion cover tutorial Fold and pin a 1cm double hem along one of the 35cm edges of each back panel. Machine stitch. This will become the opening.

Step 3:

envelope cushion cover tutorial Place the completed front panel face upwards and place one back panel, face down, along each side edge repeat with the second back panel. Line up the raw edges, pin and machine stitch all around the outside edges, leaving a 1cm seam.

Step 4:

envelope cushion cover tutorial With a pair of scissors snip off the excess material on each corner for a sharp finish and turn right side out. Give your finished cushion cover a press and insert the pad through the back opening and you're done. envelope cushion cover tutorial Planning to make a handmade cushion cover? Or maybe you’re already busy with another project? We'd love to hear what inspires your creative side and see what you're up to. Share your pictures with us on Twitter or Instagram using #BThoughtful_Makes Victoria foundandsewn.blogspot.co.uk

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